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I've been racing a '05 CRF250R chassis with a later model CR500 engine for the last couple of years, and have had 500s for the last 5 years. I won the Arkansas State Motocross Championship 50+ vet class this year on it. I love the bike, and enjoy the ... more »

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I don't think the disc will fit without drilling the bolt holes out to a larger diameter. I've got a '05CR250R chassis that came to me with an earlier model rear wheel assembly (I don't know what year). When I bought a new '05CR250R rear rotor for it, ... more »

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50+ vet in MX on a 2005 CR500 home built conversion. First race was in 2010 at 47 years old. I rode in high school but parents wouldn't let me race (we raced snowmobiles instead--I got hurt on them also. Go figure...). I'm slow, but currently leading ... more »

Added reply in a thread Big props to Justin Barcia 7/24/2015 2:28 PM

I've never been a fan of the guy, but that goes a long ways to changing my attitude toward him. Well done Justin...

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Guess I'm a little disappointed...from the thread title, I guessed they were going to run a Lifan engine wide open until it melted down.

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I put a set on my CR500 AF conversion, having cut the bottom of the right one for clearance over the PC pipe. Yes, they have greater capacity, and I've raced them for two years with no problems. This includes a couple of slow speed tip-overs and one ... more »

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IDK, but Byron IL has got to be in the running for the title.

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The Vet 30+ classes in our area can be very fast. It helps that they don't always check your driver's license

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He needs it gone asap so he can get an R6. Whatever,...

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About 1973 on a Honda Minitrail 50 (gold tank) at 10 years old. This was when Evel Knievel was on Wide World of Sports and he was my hero. I made a plywood ramp, laid a golden flyer sled behind the ramp, then about a two foot gap, and then a second golden ... more »

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The nurse said, "a brain is a terrible thing to lose." Well, sometimes that is true. Darwin would say there are exceptions...

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There's no good comparison to the 78-80 CR250 or other bikes of that era. The slowest 250f from today (the red one) is yards ahead of those older bikes in every race-related way. New 250f's put out 40+hp of smooth power, while the old air cooled bikes

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I won't use anything other than OEM cranks in any of our bikes anymore, although I've got a Wiseco piston in my CR500. Several years ago my boy's Wiseco crank assembly on a YZ85 snapped the rod about 30 feet in front of the biggest jump on the track.

... more »
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I'm interested in the polish transmission--didn't know the poles were into that sort of thing. They were still on cavalry horses at the start of WWII.

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OK, it's settled that Trey hit Davi before #18 looped out--but I don't understand the physics of it. How did Trey's bumping the #18 bike cause him to loop out? Was it a case of Davi getting thrown to the rear of the bike and getting whiskey throttle? ... more »

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This is me getting landed on last year at Ascot Park MX in Dora, OK. I'm on the Honda. The Yamaha rider's throttle landed on my left wrist. I've still got two marks on my left hand from his brake lever. I rode it out, but he went down and out cold. We're

... more »
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Not quite bump starting and not quite a crash, but I embarrassed myself starting my old '97 CR250R in front of the person I was selling it to. I had it setting in my front yard on a triangle stand. The yard sloped a little, so I had put the bike in first ... more »

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I just bought my 16 year old boy a '12 250SX that came with the Dick's Racing Intelajet mod and PC pipe and silencer. I couldn't believe it when I rode it, and the boy absolutely loves it. We never rode the stock motor, so don't have anything to compare ... more »