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That's excellent news!

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excellent job on this! The pictures being out of order threw me off at first lol, but starting with the side by side comparison of the cleaned up case vs its original "glory" was a great first impression. Absolutely beautiful!

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It was over 20 years ago, but had one of these when i was kid and i remember if i revved it while the switch was in the "start" position, it would do exactly as you describe. It almost bogged out. I don't think the tech on these bikes has changed much, ... more »

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I dont think it's so much to keep the other teams/manufacturers from knowing as it is that Kawasaki or suzuki or whoever wants the fan base to think that the bikes they see winning races are the same as whats in your local show room-even though the majority ... more »

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That's what I was thinking. The price difference is not that big, I just figured since I had seen that brand plastered everywhere i was looking I would get an idea on the quality. But I think going with the bigger names makes more sense. Thanks guys. ... more »

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So I am looking to buy a new countershaft sprocket for my 18 KLX 250, just looking to go down a tooth from stock (to a 13 from a 14) and I see the JT Sprockets everywhere. They're pretty low priced, but wasn't sure if that really reflected the quality ... more »

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I read the caption before scrolling down, I saw "missing a few nuts" and $2500 and was about to face palm. So glad i scrolled down, great post!

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Honestly I haven't heard of them, but I will ask around and see if anyone I know has dealt with them and what their experience was.

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I think that's what people liked about it. It required a bit more technical riding ability than other tracks in recent years. Very similar to how tracks in the 80's-90's IMO. Too many of the current tracks are just fast with big jumps and one line. The ... more »

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Even though the lap times between the 250's and 450's are very close, the maturity and experience of Kenny and Webb would trump pure speed. I mean, just look at what those two and Eli do in the 450 class against other very experienced guys (Barcia, Mookie, ... more »

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You can definitely see JS7's coaching helping improve the kid's already talented riding abilities. Can't wait for Sunday, gonna be an exciting finale!

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I definitely got choked up and my wife made fun of me for it haha. But when i explained to her that A) I've been watching him race for almost 20 years, and

I was more upset about his retirement than I was about Tom Brady leaving the Pats, she ... more »
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I know it's tough with the language barrier, you are speaking/typing english very well, but it is a little unclear what type of information exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for training tips specifically? A lot of the top guys may have similar ... more »

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6) No fans Kidding, but you pretty much nailed it. It bums me out because I was really pulling for Kenny, and went into these new rounds super excited to see the battle between him and Tomac (who was my second choice on who i wanted to win). Idk if it's ... more »

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Definitely possible, but it started with Blair saying "thanks ralph" and then proceeding with the questions and Craig answering the same exact way as when they came back live. It was just one of the trackside cameras that happened to be pointing at the ... more »

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Yeah my buddy is actually racing the series this year, starts up on the 27th. Was supposed to start this weekend but got pushed due to some virus thing that's apparently going around.

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Thanks for clarifying that for me. Seems like a simple concept in theory, but I can see how the negative things people are saying about the rule would probably negate any positives from it.

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It's an opinion obviously, but I don't care for him. I think he's arrogant and shows no humility personally. That being said, I can't deny he is one hell of a good rider, and backs up a lot of his cockiness.

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I'm pretty uneducated on the rally stuff, so please excuse my ignorance. Could someone explain the pro's of limiting tire changes to me? The cons are fairly obvious-different terrain, tire wear etc...But as someone who is unfamiliar with these races, ... more »

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We have a race series around here called Masters of Mini. No 2 strokes allowed, but seeing a bunch of grown men race all different sizes of pit bikes is a pretty funny site. It's super laid back and it's nice to see people not take it too seriously. ... more »