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Growing up, my friends and I were into both MX and BMX as usual. I remember us talking about how cool it would be if they could do half the shit on a dirt bike that they could do on a BMX bike. But the backflip was always going to be impossible....then ... more »

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Murray Christmas

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I predict rain!

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RIP man. Growing up I never heard of so many people dying from crashes, but now it seems like every couple of weeks there's another. Sucks big time. God speed sir.

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Great story, and great work! p.s. riding a 250 2 stroke at 13? Bad ass bro!

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It's possible that the bolts aren't torqued down enough so the gaskets aren't creating a tight enough seal. I would check that first. Side note: Based on the pictures, that motor could use some serious cleaning -not counting the oil coming out. There ... more »

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that's pretty slick! I'm gonna look into this myself

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This^^ plus I haven't been on facebook in about 2 years [one of the best decisions of my life btw]. I hate when I really want to see something while on the forums, but im usually at work so I cant watch the youtubez, go on CL or Facebook

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I don't care for it either, I'm also not a huge fan of the short beds. that being said, everyone has their own taste in vehicles. I would take it if it was free lol.

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Such a bummer to hear. I am not familiar with the track, but the circumstances behind the sale are shitty. I am glad to see that the current owner has contingencies in place to ensure that who ever buys it not only has to have the same passion, but also ... more »

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took the words right out of my mouth! He looks just like him!

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I would say it, but no doubt I would probably get my ass whooped for it. It was a bummer of a story, and I didn't believe it was true, thought it was just someone coming in and making it up. so, if that was a true story, than I apologize. I am a HUGE ... more »

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Jesus, this sucks. It seems like at least once a week now I'm seeing another RIP thread, and the deaths coming from accidents and crashes seem to be more and more. RIP man.

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Fuck you

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A buddy of mine and I went to A2 last year, stayed at the doubletree. It was awesome, quite a few of the industry people stay there as well. Ran into Mathes and JT in the lobby. The hotel bar after the races was insane, but a great time. We walked to ... more »

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Im the same age-ish (33), and I have never heard of supreme. Seeing this makes me sad, like when I see rappers wearing MX gear as a fashion statement.

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I absolutely love these! Amazing work

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Part of me definitely wishes we could, especially since the timing of everything from leaving the house to rest stops in between is going to be based on his schedule. Unfortunately we don't really have anyone to take him for that amount of time this ... more »

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Less people signing up due to not only costs of riding/racing, but the kids now a days (jesus makes me feel old saying that) are more interested in watching other people play video games than playing them themselves! Never mind getting them outside and ... more »