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That would require someone both A) having a spot open and B ) wanting to fill that spot with Bagget, unfortunately those two stars don't always align therefore its not that simple.

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Bought my bike brand new in 18, 1 year before my first was born. I put 200 miles on it (its a dual sport) the first year, my son was born in 19 and i currently have a total of 300 miles on it. Got my second one coming next month, and i am already prescheduling ... more »

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My buddy sells these through his shop as well as raced one in a series called the masters of mini's last year. he did change out the suspension and did some mods, but he said it was almost all SSR's, COBRA's and Pitsters racing the series. No complaints ... more »

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What about McGrath??? I would take anderson off, he may be a champion but I don't think he is at the level these guys are at all. However, that is my own opinion and probably not the norm.

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Have you changed the fluids since you bought it? Imo, that would be the first thing I did before going out and riding it at all. Previous owner could have thrown whatever they wanted in there to make it last long enough to sell but cause issues now

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Thanks man, I actually won a set of star cross 5's through the Pulpmx fantasy so that will help out with the tires. Got some bark busters on there and ordered a few parts recently to try to shave some of the weight off of it. I think what you said is ... more »

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Dude what an incredible job you're doing. There is a lot of attention and hard tedious work going into this, can not wait to see the finished product!

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I would absolutely say it has to do with whatever your current social media following is. If you are creating a channel/instagram page just for this, you'll have zero-very few initial followers which doesnt get the companies names out there. If you already ... more »

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So I am 35 years old, and bought a 2018 KLX 250 brand new a couple years ago. I have zero racing experience, grew up mostly WANTING to ride MX but have very little experience with that, most of my riding experience has been trails. I am looking to do ... more »

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i assume no video? lol this would be amazing to watch

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Yeah bro 33 hours is false, maybe 33 hours since he put the hour meter on. Anyways, if you just bought it yesterday, and he couldn't even be bothered to clean it up for you before you checked it out/gave him money for it, than i would be super concerned ... more »

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Dude, I woke up in such a shit mood this morning. I am so glad I opened this thread, your delivery was so on point it has literally turned my day around. Thank you.

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Is it though? I can think of a lot of things "beyond disgusting", this isn't one of them. You may not agree with it, but I don't know if i would go to that extreme lol

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yeah it sucks because the app isnt available for firestick either, which is what i use in both my bedroom as well as living room. At least in the riving room i can stream from my phone to the tv, which will be fine for the races but if i want to use ... more »

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I need this!

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Hope I'm not too late!

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Damn dude, I am so sorry to hear this. I just became a dad last year, and my boy is my entire world. I cherish every single second i have with him, and could not imagine this loss. I am truly praying for you and your family man, I hope you can find some ... more »

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Bad ass!

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