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sweet... and there's any button to get straight there?

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KiKi wrote: How do you reduce size of photo? you need a photo editor like photoshop... try Picasa from Google or Gimp, they are free http://www.gimp.org/

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GuyB wrote: Piambro, Here's an easy way to search for your photos. ??? I don't get it...

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MXiWordNerd wrote: piambro wrote: Rumors are that DV12 just signed with Honda Martin for the 2007 MX1 World Championship. There is only one person here that can confirm, david himself! Please let us know! I can assure you with great confidence that as

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Uhmmmm... is the Godfather stepping back from FMX?

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G Force wrote: Very nice..! Reminds me of the old days when we had the white YZ's up here in Canada. yeah, YZ400F 1998 model was white in Italy

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Never had any bootie boots, I use Fox Forma Pro or Sidi Vortex right now. I used AXO before and always felt safe and comfortable, with all of them brands on. I only tried a pair of Tech 8 in the showroom, but they felt a little akward and bulky because ... more »

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is this considered "riding"?

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Cabro wrote: Cabro wrote: no permissions for me too...I'll try to delete

cookies deleted...no permissions againCabro, it often happens to me too. Cookies don't seem to have a part in it, just log out and login again instead, ... more »
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that's exactly what I meant, nice

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Pentolino wrote: whwer's this section?? i don't findit!! under my profile section, go to the groups flag and select join group. Our group is under killer bikes

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all the 2007 MX models have Brembo clutch control and not magura anymore

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Ciao Pentolaccia! Don't forget to go under the groups section/killer bikes/those crazy italian and join our

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KTMs have always been filled with special and tricky parts. But I can tell you the new 450F it's something completely new, built from scratch. The KTM guys actually put so much attention and care to ANY single detail of the bike that's overwhelming. ... more »

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here we go, my old lady is on... be kind with

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the race will be broadcasted on internet, on Mediazone.com

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third rider on the Italian Team will be Cristian Beggi, who pretty much dominated last part of the MX3 season in 2006

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Ciao Krodino, io ci sono... But we have to speak English here...

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seriously, I'd rather see a whole European section (English only - sorry) than single European Countries. That would be fine, we have a lot of people everywhere in Europe that can speak some good English after all, so I'd stick to English, period.

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well, I actually speak some bad English and I dig some Spanish and Portuguese, that's all. But I'm close to perfection with