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no, but one time i ate a whole box of girl scout cookies (Samoa or f*ck you) and drank 6 Stellas. had the montezumas for a week.

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i like the 94 to win A2 as well

Reply to Dakar Images 1/19/2018 1:49 PM

this Shorty pic is fucking epic

Reply to mx vs atv all out 1/19/2018 11:33 AM

this is looking better and better every video i see. love the "pick up and place" feature, me an the boy are going to have a blast with this game

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podium? he's clearly been doing too much Crossfit

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they're not bad, but way too long. a lot of doing nothing interesting and it's kind of a grind to get all the way through one. also, dude needs to turn up the voices and the music down. i had to have it so loud to hear what they were saying and then ... more »

Reply to How are KTMs so light? 1/18/2018 3:50 PM

i've lost my lower radiator to shroud screws, my seat screw, tank screw has backed out multiple times... yet i've NEVER lost one of those "wood" screws from the shroud to the tank.

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i put 270 hours on my KTM 300 piston before replacing the piston and rings. love that bike

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Webb is getting sloppy seconds and mediocre top 15's, that's compelling right?

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the BNG's are getting lighter though...

Reply to You think tomac would ever do this? 1/18/2018 8:22 AM

most of her posts lately have been cringe-worthy on the Tomac thing, i really don't understand. when he's on, he's one of the fastest in the world. when he's off, he's REALLY off.

Reply to How are KTMs so light? 1/18/2018 7:57 AM

or maybe KTM has been leading the way in R&D of both 2-strokes and 4-strokes for quite some time now, and the only people that don't recognize it live under a rock and dream of the days when trucks were started with a hand-crank, bikes had a metal ... more »

Reply to Webbs Broken Clutch - why no flex lever? 1/18/2018 7:52 AM

i haven't broken a lever in about 10 years. what a Joey

Reply to Roczens Free Pass 1/18/2018 7:48 AM

that's like saying that they shouldn't talk about how the tear-off system works any more, because ReynardFan already knows all about that. they can, will, and should keep talking about it for as long as they like. we're 2 races in and you're making it ... more »

Reply to F*****d up & truly bizarre story from Perris CA 1/16/2018 1:22 PM

here's another article with some of the same info, some more info not in the original story

Reply to Milestone - Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Game 1/16/2018 9:36 AM

track editor looks RAD bro!

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Would have a better chance at the championship than ET that's for sure