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Reply to Crank alignment 2/21/2020 5:05 AM

Thanks guys for all the advice. I’ve emailed Ken and crank works for quotes. I’d like to ship the crank and case half to the same place. Need the drain filled and retapped too.

New thread Crank alignment 2/17/2020 8:32 PM

Just how easy is it to knock a crank out of alignment? Tried to knock it out with a rubber hammer before getting a right tool to push it out. Do I need to replace it or have it trued? On another note: bearing came out with the crank on the stator side. ... more »

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New thread Need a welder 2/10/2020 8:53 PM

Does anyone know someone that could fix this? Previous owners helicoil failed. Thankfully I caught this before it grenaded the motor. I’m in the southeast and the closer the better. I’m at a loss on how to fix it. Exterior of the case is fine though.

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Reply to Case Splitter and Crank Installer Tools 1/26/2020 11:56 AM

Any chance you still have these?

New thread WTB: Case Splitter tool 1/25/2020 2:52 PM

I’m wanting to buy a used case splitter tool to fix the drain collar on my 08 KX250f. If anyone has the flywheel puller and clutch holder tool that would be helpful too. Can PayPal the funds.

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Reply to WTB 22mm offset clamps for 08 KX250f 4/3/2019 9:07 PM

I’m not sure that they will.

Reply to Shift gear 36 XL 4/1/2019 8:01 PM

I’m interested in the yellow set

New thread WTB 22mm offset clamps for 08 KX250f 3/31/2019 5:40 PM

Please let me know if you have a used set of triple clamps. Not looking to pay $400 for a new set. Thanks.

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New thread 08 KX250f seat bracket 3/31/2019 5:37 PM

I went to put the seat back on after putting in the air filter and one of the seat brackets snapped off. It wasn’t at the rivot. It snapped at the bend in the metal. Any ideas where I can find a replacement?

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Reply to Kx250f front brake 1/10/2018 9:38 AM

It’s an 08. Farted around with it today and pushed the pistons in. Fluid went up into the reservoir. Pumped the lever a few times and got some of the pressure back. I’m noticing that the first half of the pull has no pressure and then it grabs. Bad line? ... more »

Reply to Kx250f front brake 1/10/2018 7:21 AM

The only thing I haven’t tried from that list is new line and banjos.

New thread Kx250f front brake 1/9/2018 11:07 PM

I rebuilt the master cylinder after finding a torn seal in it. Tried to bleed, only get pressure on the last half of pull and wheel didn’t spin good at all. Pulled caliper off and wheel spun great. Decided to rebuild caliper. Bleed the system and still ... more »

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Reply to 08 KX 250F 11/10/2017 9:55 PM

Now to post the somewhat finished product. New top end, bars, graphics, chassis bearings, sprockets, all cables, and chain. eBay supplied the subframe, another set of forks, springs, axle, and shrouds. Sunk too much money into it but hell I learned a

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Reply to Red Bull stream quality 10/21/2017 7:23 PM

How can some see it and others can’t. They need to freeze the racing until the server is back up

Reply to Red Bull stream quality 10/21/2017 7:15 PM

It just went dark on my iPhone. Did it happen to anyone else?

Reply to Kawasaki KX250F 07 parting out 9/6/2017 11:46 PM

I sent you a pm

New thread WTB: KX250F FORKS 9/6/2017 11:21 PM

Doing a budget build on an 08 kx250f and previous owner wrecked the forks. I need a set in fairly good condition. Can be bone stock.

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Reply to Kawasaki KX250F 07 parting out 9/6/2017 11:16 PM

Still have the forks?

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 10, Unadilla 8/12/2017 12:12 AM

450 1. Marvin Musquin 2. Blake Baggett 3. Eli Tomac 250 1. Aaron Plessinger 2. Zac Osbourne 3. Joey Savatgy

New thread Stripped frame repair 8/12/2017 12:07 AM

I had an awesome thing happen today. As I was putting the subframe on to the frame, the bolt on the shifter side completely pulled out the threads. Now I can't torque it down to spec and not sure what to do. Researched putting in a time sert but they're ... more »

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