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barnett468 Lake Elsinore will never, ever, be a motorcycle track again, it's hilarious how some people think they know someone who knows someone who knows something about what is going on with it.

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barnett468 lots of people would have won races if not for just one mistake.

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barnett468 Practice starts at 8:30. They have a Support class for riders under 40. All the other classes are for 40 and over. This clubs races are much more low key than a Swap Moto race. Membership not required. Free doughnuts and coffee. Tell them ... more »

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barnett468 didn't you already ask about a tank for this?

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barnett468 Exactly which Dunlops are you referring to?

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barnett468 1980 YZ250

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Looking for any pro circuit model for this bike or possibly a DG National pipe.

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barnett468 What exactly is your goal. As was mentioned, you can make a 200 engine go fast, but it will cost a lot of money, plus it is way lighter and will not overwhelm that small frame etc.

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Nobody wanted to pay $2500.00 for it so you decided that your price was too low? .

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barnett468 ummm...reduced potential for detonation is absolutely a by product of reduced sguish clearance, always has been and always will be.

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barnett468 Here's a cone pipe for an 88/89 made in Dorset, so maybe he can make one for your bike.

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barnett468 On a stock engine you can safely get away with as little as .028, and the max preferable is .040". The less the clearance, the more resistant it will be to detonation (pinging), therefore, it is preferable that it is closer to .028 than to ... more »

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LMFAO, I never heard that phrase before. The down voters are the usual envious, narcissistic people that mistakenly think that everyone actually cares what their opinion is, lol.

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barnett468 yes, the more weight on the rotating assembly, the sooner the bearings will wear out, but the difference in longevity is relatively small.

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barnett468 One of the primary differences between 4 stroke and 2 stroke oil is that 4 stroke oil uses long chain molecules and 2 stroke oil uses shorter ones, so it will burn cleaner and leave less carbon deposits.

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barnett468 It's a beater and it's seized but it's not a rust bucket etc, so it will be a decent bike. I will post photos maybe tomorrow when I get time. For only $150.00 I had to buy it.

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barnett468 i switched from the 80/100 to the 90/2100 and like them better because they stick better, but i have them on vintage bikes.

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barnett468 Running atf is a ridiculous thing to do.

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barnett468 Pings replies were hilarious. I'm always amused when someone melts down and looses control, lol.