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You’re gonna want to do a leak down test, compression test won’t be accurate with the auto decomp system. It’ll give you a much better idea of what condition the motor is in as well as far as valves sealing and rings.

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Is that something you’ve done or seen done? Looks like the basket is the same part # for 20 and 21 but there are a few different part numbers like the push rod and the little holder that the push rod goes into and pushes on the pressure plate. All you ... more »

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Looks like fernley is supposed to open up in June, according to their instagram page.

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I’d start with a leak down and go from there, just because the valves are in spec doesn’t mean they’re sealing all the way. Those bikes are notorious for eating valves.

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2 pairs, lightly used. Green pair does not have tearoff post on the frame but they come off easy and could be switched back and forth or get new post from leatt possibly.One has a clear lens one is a light smoke, comes with an extra grey lens. Have a

... more »

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At least get a slip on for your ears sake. I couldn’t deal with the obnoxious stock one for more than a few rides. The pro circuit slip on makes it a much more pleasant experience.

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Mine is the same, I usually end up with about 1000ml’s.

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You can get them OEM from Kawasaki as they come on the new bikes still. But they’re not cheap

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Yes they work, same filter. That’s what I’ve been using in mine .

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Somebody earlier in this thread mentioned something about a “prominent 250 team” having issues with the stock clutch plates and supposedly the fix was clutch plates from a 20. I put Hinson plates in mine just to be safe, 17 hrs and no issues so far.

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I have basically the same set up on mine, except I only have the t-6 slip on. I have one ride on my vortex from twisted and it’s a big improvement IMO. I’ve played around with a couple maps and found number 7 to be my favorite. It adds a little more ... more »

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Guys running a Vortex from twisted, which map is your fav? Just got mine on the bike and can’t wait to give it a try, definitely sounds noticeably different on the stand. Thanks

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I just shipped my suspension via UPS in a rifle case. I created the shipping label myself and just brought it in to drop off, no extra charge and they just asked me if it was a gun I said no and that was that. Definitely the best way I’ve done it.

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I have a couple. A twin air(which I prefer) and I also bought the no toil backfire screen eliminator kit. Not too happy with the way the no toil filter fits on the cage, it wants to come off as you slide the filter into the air box. The no toil cage ... more »

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Depending on where you’ll be and if you have a spark arrestor/reg I’d hit some trails. The conditions are pretty good up here right now.

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Doesn’t look like any issues with mine as well. Guess I’ll just run it until I can take it into the dealer.

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No experience with the pro kit but I did have him do a “pro fork” in my 17 TC250. While it’s a whole lot better than stock, it still was an air fork. The comfort and bump absorption was a lot better but still lacked that front end feel you get from a ... more »

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Just talked to my dealer about the recall, gave them my vin and told me my bike is due for an inspection. So looks like there is a possible recall, awesome

I’m gonna pop off the water pump cover tomorrow and take a look for myself. Anyone know ... more »
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X2. And he’s by far the most down to earth suspension guy I’ve ever talked to. He’ll break everything down for you and explain why his set up works, not just sell you stuff.

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I was checking RM daily for the T6 slip ons a month ago. Once I saw they were available and in stock I jumped on one, I need the sparky for the hare scrambles I race, and the stock muffler was incredibly loud and raspy for me. For what it’s worth mine ... more »