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I don't really feel like the season has been that confusing;

Barcia winning A1, he's an aggressive rider and has always done well in the mud. Some of the front runners had issues early, he capitalized and rode great.

Anderson is clearly nursing a late off season injury and trying to ride himself back into shape, he will be back in the next few rounds and a title threat for the long run.

Baggett win was a fluke, he won't have another one this season. Just like his outside wall pass in Colorado against Tomac he has flashes of freak speed but won't back it up.

Roczen is doing exactly what he needs to do, staying consistent, showing speed and running up front when he can.

Tomac is being Tomac, his A1 ride back to a late podium was very impressive. He randomly has off nights or weird "slow down" moments and this is why he hasn't won the title in recent years. However, if on his off nights he can continue to get 3rds and 4ths we know he has the speed to leave people in the dust at a few rounds and he could end up wrapping this thing up without a big crash.

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