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Carmichael talks like he has a marble jammed in his throat or something. Can never say a smooth sentence quickly. Get him off the mic and bring someone else in. MX is a sport where introverts thrive though, so it's tough to find people that can speak ... more »

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Just need biodegradable ones. Then everyone wins.

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450 1. Roczen 2. Musquin 3. Anderson 250 1. Forkner 2. Plessinger 3. Hansen

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Could be really cool. I'm pumped for him.

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I'm still aiming to not get last place. Only time that happened last year at pir was when someone else got injured or didn't line up. I was close once to getting that elusive 2nd to last, but didn't get it...haha.

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Von Zipper is owned by a billabong, a company that has revenues of over a billion each year. It's definitely a big ass corporation.

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Every goggle I've ever had were pretty much the same. You've basically got your 3 price tiers - the $30 really shitty ones. the $50-$60 decent ones, and the $100+ expensive ones which I know nothing about. Just like everything else in this industry, ... more »

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Do people haggle when buying a new bike, or is it just whatever they list?

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They're all the same. I believe Thor is Parts Unlimited house brand, and Fly is WPS's house brand. Both mega corporations. They just outsource to probably the same factories in China.

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This was gross. Blatant advertisement. Baker is a scummy dude.

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I think it's hard to make a realistic game because riding is very very very nuanced. It would be hard to play a game where you had to actually get in ruts to be fast, had to get the right speed up the face of a jump, etc. You'd essentially be crashing ... more »

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at thursday night mx in portland.
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There just needs to be more money in MX/SX in general. We've got so much damn talent nowadays. If all the good/experienced 250 riders were bumped up to 450's there'd be no rides for them.

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Just let the riders design a few of the tracks like they did when pastrana designed that crazy one. Get 10 riders to design the tracks and let the fans choose the best 3-4 and run those.

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The Watson/MainEventMoto thing is just like Joey Diaz's podcast. I listened to Joe Rogan Podcast, so I found out about Joey Diaz podcast because he was a guest there. Then I find out about Dean Delray's podcast(great interview with Jerry Casale from ... more »

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I love this shit. He's fuckin cool in my book.

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Got some super fans in here.

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DT250 is a pig anyways. Who cares. Just run it with headers.

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Geoff aaron?

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