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yi 4k. Look it up on amazon.

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I liked it when he'd wear the green and purple. Reminds me of Grave Digger.

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Goes out a champ. That's how you do it.

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The jersey I have was made in America so I presume the rest of their stuff is. That's pretty cool considering they might be the only gear manufacturer that doesn't make their stuff in China. Otherwise the jersey fits well and is going strong a year in. ... more »

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All you fuckers who bash the bike need to demo it. They are gonna demo it around the US this year. It's super fun to ride. I'd love to see it get homologated. It's ultimately good for the sport. Innovation always is.

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The payout for winning a 250 sx race is 3300. So this means they're penalizing him more than 2 wins. I know sponsors are where all the money is at but this is just bullshit. Need to pay these guys more. Fuckin privateers like the Enticknap boys barely ... more »

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I think JG has to because his fuckin mom gambled $1 million+ of his away so he has to totally redo his whole life. Only thing that's gonna give him the quality of life he wants is racing. JS7 I would hope to be pretty loaded. Still pretty amazing that ... more »

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Had tomac not had a mechanical(earlier in the year) it wouldn't have mattered. I don't think it was as much a mental block as that track was really hard for him to ride the way he does when he's fast. He's fast when he can over ride the track... this ... more »

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Way easier to make money right now. He's consistently top 5. Why wouldn't he stay? He's not gonna be the multi million dollar contract guy but he's putting in work and making a good living. Great gameplan.

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Everybody busts that dudes balls but he's a really good rider and I think it's good to have gatekeepers. Kind of lets you know where everybody else is and puts it into perspective.

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Even the desert 100 was a fuckin' mud fest. I put on the shinko mud rear at the beginning of the season and haven't looked back. So glad it's almost summer. Just waitin. Still riding the crap but waiting for the good stuff.

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Go pro has it's own free software that works pretty well. I just use imovie. It works pretty well most of the time.

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I don't know if you're dry humping sandpaper on a regular basis or something for work, but Ethika has been great for me. I buy them because they sponsor mx dudes, and all kinds of mx dudes like pros and amateurs. More money for the sport. I don't think ... more »

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Eli Tomac

Got a guy wearing orange purple and white on a green bike. It looks atrocious.

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I thought I’d share a quick review of Arenacross this past weekend in Portland, OR. It has nothing to do with snowmobiles or james stewart so it’ll likely go unnoticed and I’m cool with that. I bought a ticket to Arenacross a few days before the event ... more »

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They're expensive and then you gotta pay $30 on top of that for misc service and surcharge fees then you gotta pay to park. It's like they don't want you to come.

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I thought it was the best track of the year. All the other tracks are a) too fast and b) literally one lined. There were several sections of this track that had 2 lines and you could actually pass on the inside or outside. I'm wondering who promotes ... more »

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Just make some on canvas mx. I made a jersey in china off of alibaba but it's kind of a pain in the ass and had to order 2 because the first one the logo wasn't placed high enough, so ended up being the same as a canvas one:

They just dye sublimate ... more »
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I'd say so based on fitness and J mart's love of the outdoors. Mostly fitness though. Mook's got a bit to go in that department. Talent and skill wise I'm not sure - Mook's fast.