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Damn that track was gnarly. Awesome.

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I think it's great because it's that kind of thing that will encourage the casual fanbase to tune in and that's what any sport needs - a strong casual fanbase. All of us here are pretty hardcore fans, but we aren't enough people to make a difference ... more »

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It still has a major impact. It's the reason KTM is as relevant as it is now. They weren't nearly as relevant before they started winning championships. The paradigm for buying a bike has changed big time though. Consumers aren't limited to a few print ... more »

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I think it's fuckin hot.

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How much per year for a factory level race engine in that 250f? You can't go out and just race the stock 250f motor. Those things are rockets at the pro level. I don't think Alta will be able to do anything about the drivetrain in their bike for race. ... more »

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Answer this - are you being a whiny little bitch?

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It's not the bike that matters. Everyone saying he needs to go to x brand. He's a super mental rider and hasn't had a good luck run yet. 2 years back he went and won(or podiumed) washougal and went on a tear after that. All mental. He should go see a ... more »

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Just put orange plastics on the yz. It'll pass from a 40 ft view.

Added reply in a thread Found an actual solution for armpump 8/21/2017 2:28 PM Sorta like this?

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This is what I think. Manufacturers reason to race at the end of the day it's to promote their product. Giving Stankdog some support and getting some points would do a lot for the brand and the bike.

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Your link is wrong.

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Anyone know what the different between say 450 b and 450 b limited is? I don't know anything about the amateur races.

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Hopefully they'll post the events to youtube or something. They have atrocious coverage for that sport.

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I don't know why husqvarna doesn't just throw together a small effort for him. He's doing a lot for their brand and for 125s in general, and if he's got support he'll be able to finish all the motos.

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Stankdog in 4th overall on the 250 2 stroke. Hero.

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The website is registered to a desima james from georgia, and googling found this lovely tidbit -

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KTM is apparently going to be selling these things at a loss just to get them out there in the US. They are also in no way competitive with the Alta.

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If bikes had that they'd weigh like 1500 lbs and would likely need an onboard generator. But those whoops.

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I don't think the insurance company would hire a scumbag lawyer from the area. I'd expect them to have their own in house team with which they deal with all of their affairs. I suspect the dude is trying to cash out. American Dream - Sue people. Disgusting. ... more »