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I'd like to see how Justin Cooper does once he gets back.

Started new thread They gotta put some sticky stuff on the concrete. 2/26/2018 10:35 AM

The track crew needs to put whatever soda syrup alternative that actually works onto the concrete around the track. Several times now someone's crashed because they were trying to re enter the course and the front end just slides like it was on ice. ... more »

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I've had this experience with new KTM's and Huskys. This last year friends and I have bought 5-6 of em and all had different electrical issues. If you look at the wiring it's super shitty and not weather proofed at all. The connectors are dirt cheap. ... more »

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I'm wondering if the reason he was so shitty on the 250s(at the beginning of the west coast series) is that he was spending a lot of time in the off season riding 450s. Sure seems like it. Guy's a fuckin beast on the 450.

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I could be wrong but I don't think fox does the production for this event. Feld handles it. This is similar to how the UFC works. I think Fox does the production for the ball sports(the ones that only require one ball) in contrast. So I believe you're ... more »

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I really liked Roczen on the mic. He's pretty damn good.

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I love watching him ride. I was looking forward to it.

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I fractured my metacarpal earlier this year. About 2 months to recover for me, about a month til I could start getting movement back. Still hurts all the time but is fine. Seems like the rest of his arm probably have 1st and 2nd degree indian rug burns. ... more »

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I love it. Something different. I like vids that have skits in them like the 80's skateboard videos. Makes it fun.

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Ralph needs to get off the mic. He's always cutting Emig off and going on 15 second tangents, then Emig has to drop his previous thought and go to a new one. They need to try some different people. The commentary in the early 90's was better. Get Bailey ... more »

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I bought my KTM from See See. Compared to my experience at Motosport Hillsboro(this place absolutely sucks) it was dreamy. They are super super cool dudes. The owner Thor races at pir every year and was a really good flat track racer I think. They are ... more »

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The live events are a lot of fun, but it doesn't translate well on TV. A lot of the action is not up front. It's a bummer.

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I think the chin mount for gopro is way better than the top of helmet mount. Sopro I think is the name of one of the manufacturers.

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I've got a 17 150xcw and it's tons of fun.

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Does anyone .... Hate these bullshit thread titles?

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I think sooner or later they'll have sort of an exoskeleton type pad system which will help. 3d print the thing to each rider. The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body, it's super vulnerable.

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Bring back the tracks of the early 90's

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Ricky is great in the booth explaining what the riders are doing and what strategies they're employing. He's just not so great at reading off the cue cards. Motocrossers aren't known for their intellectual abilities. Just let Ricky say whatever he wants ... more »

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A mart gives me Guy Cooper vibes. He's the people's champ.

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None of you fucks can judge james stewart for not coming out of retirement or doing what you want. He's doin what he wants. I think if you do this since you were a kid and have had the pressure of being the best since you were a kid you'd be burnt out. ... more »