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It should be all riders announcing. Get a female rider in there to interview the dudes. Real people that are really passionate about the sport. RC is already doing better than Sheheen. The guy's horrible. It's just another reason feld is making supercross ... more »

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Fuck. I'm so bummed.

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Damn his whole channel is filled with good stuff.

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I wish that video was 2 hours long

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Weirdest thing I always see is the middle finger using the clutch. Is that a thing other riders do?

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Still waitin for that rd2 video. They've gotta make things more accessible.

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Like bo jackson in tecmo bowl.

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I just hope he hasn't had too many concussions. Other parts of the body can heal. The brain cannot. CTE is no bueno.

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Get it at your local snake oil dealer.

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This is an incredibly unhelpful response. It gives no facts, nothing to support your claim etc. What is different about any other helmet that you buy? MIPS? Just some whiny ass boo hooin. I have a few regular helmets from different companies, a mips ... more »

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I think other than 6d they're all the same - just some foam and a thin shell between your nugget and the ground. There does seem to be a difference in fit, though, between the brands. Other than that they all get manufactured in the same 1 or 2 factories ... more »

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What a fucking bummer. I hope those thieves get the shit beat out of them.

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I have a rabaconda. Makes it a lot easier. Only thing as an adult that's made me absolutely lose my shit is changing dirt bike tires.

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Blose ran a few SX races this year and was having to go to the LCQ to qualify. I'm thinking Hayes would make the night show but not make the top 15.

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Bike weighs ~260 lbs and it's all down low. What's a 450 trail bike with fluids weigh in comparison? ~240? + 3 gallons of gas + 1 liter of oil + 1 liter of coolant = ~260lbs Pretty close. A 300 2 stroke saves about 15 lbs or so. It's really just the ... more »

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My AMC Eagle could handle a bike on the hitch. Maybe you should look into getting one of them.

Sadly I don't have a photo of using the hitch carrier but at the time I had a 400 lbs yamaha xt550 that I learned to ride on and I toted that around. ... more »
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I don't know about anyone else but, I hate your thread title.

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Jason doesn't have the speed to beat Eli. Only way he wins is if Eli gets a horrible start and the track is one of those shitty one line tracks or if Eli makes a big mistake. Without the shitty start to the season Eli is the champ. This season has just ... more »

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I'm having a hard time wanting to ride my 150xcw anywhere compared to the Alta. Alta is just a better dirt bike. More fun to ride without any hassles. Will probably only get Alta's moving forward.