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Meh, if a US rider beats a Euro and he said he smashed em you'd be all waving your stars n' stripes with your hand on your chest. Telling they're all to scared to come over and race the REAL series. Good old hypocrites. He got bashed so hard and so often ... more »

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Who's vollopoto?

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There's fans and there's asshats. They invest so much of their time and effort to entertain you asshats. Ungratefull complaining dumbasses.

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The Dutch are on another planet.

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What does the state of the engine matter if the bike is just a trophy piece? There's half naked chicks dancing under flame throwers with big MMMMMONSTER ENERGY!!!!! signs, and the burnouts are cringy? wtf is this reasoning even....

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Wow, i was not notified of anything!

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Awesome guy that did loads for the KTM adventure community by sharing all of his finds and tweaks about the bike. Been following his projects for years, interesting and and entertaining stuff he's putting out.

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I also really like the Husky 701 Supermoto and the KTM Dukes Naked Sport bikes. Funny, the Dukes are priced below the Japs on the street! That's because the build quality is questionable... My 690 enduro was a nice bike overall, but it felt a bit like ... more »

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Fargo house of cards westworld stranger things

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Just noticed the sticky, better late then never i guess. Good luck Scottie!
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Dovi diddn't have the pace all weekend.... Lorenzo towed him foreward, he was Dovi's only chance. I'm far from a Lorenzo fan but the critique he's getting for 'not obeying team orders' is pure bullshit. As soon as Lorenzo crashed out Dovi lost a lot

... more »
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Your dealer is a knob, he can't even perform proper suspension maintence without that tool. The lowering kit consists of nothing more then 2 cartridges,3 springs and a spacer.

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eh? They have a few top 10 finishes in their first season. Last race both KTM's got in Q2 and both got a top 10 finish. Espargaró even got a 2nd row start.... If that ain't succesfull then I don't know what is. They seem to be far more ahead in development ... more »

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I named mine 'Bathroomcamera #2'. I bet some of my neighbours went on a camera hunt in their bathroom...

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Shit brakes, shit suspension, shit frame welds, etc. That bike screams budget, and that goes for every bike in that price category. An MX bike with comparable build quality would be horrible. I'm all for cheaper bikes but that's lowballin' it way to ... more »

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VilloFan951 is the real MVP

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Until Herlings beat Cairoli in a championship it's still AC > JH. Cairoli is king, like it or not. It's up to JH to steal the crown. Everything else is playground talk. 'Omg cheap jabs by Everts, boohoo I'm telling the teacher'