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I have yet to ride a four-stroke that will start in gear reliably. Numerous CRF450s and KX450s. Not one would start in gear with any regularity.

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I hope you’re trolling...

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I can see the brochure now: Works kit A qualified suspension fork. Add pleasure to your ride quality through nice spring choice. Oil is top market choice for best riding situation....

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I remember going out to Toes after that and stopping to look at the ramp to dirt of those things that had to be seen to appreciate just how long that is...insane.

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Playing devil’s advocate... None of us have been riding public tracks, so I’ve saved way more than the price hike over the last couple months vs what I would’ve spent by now.

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Agreed-if you know the story of the Edmund Fitzgerald and hear his song about it, it will give you chills.

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Pretty sure I saw a Facebook post by them saying that they were closed through May for all events. Not positive though.

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Horn Rapids Sunday for me.

Reply to WTT: 2002 CR250 PC Works Pipe and R304 Silencer for a 2003 Exhaust System 5/3/2020 7:41 PM

Not sure about PC, but my HGS was 02-04. I believe PC did one pipe for 02 only and one for 03/04. Don’t know what’s different.

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If the -74 is what came stock, I may have one.

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Red body scuff pad and comet when you wash the bike. It’ll take it down to shiny silver, but as soon as it warms up it’ll turn amber again.

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Same. Figures, a guy who doesn’t want it gets one, lol...

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Two stand out- 1) Washougal used to run practices by bike color. I was a 125 beginner on Hondas at the time, so I got to follow CR500’s up horsepower hill with the ping-pong ball sized wads of clay. Good times. 2) There used to be a track called Jolly ... more »

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Wasn’t the team paying Aldon? Or was that just KTM?

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My current ‘18 KX450 and an ‘01 CR500 (steelie not AF). My 450 is my favorite bike I’ve ever owned now that I have Ohlins stuff instead of the SFF-TAC (which should’ve been abbreviated POS instead). Does everything well, more power than I need, great ... more »

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Favorite 2-strokes: 98 KX250/02 CR250R Favorite 4-strokes (tie): 07 CRF450R (FC suspension with all the goodies/coatings)/18 KX450 (Ohlins Flo Shock/TTX fork inserts/springs). Worst bike: 97 CR250R. There should be lawyer commercials right now saying ... more »