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All the racing and riding with my dad. For 20+ years, we rode and raced together. When he decided he was done (63 years old), I decided I'd hang it up too. It was an emotional moment watching our bikes leave in someone else's trucks. I had seen it many ... more »

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Back in my 250 (two-stroke) beginner days I raced a mud race at SIR (now pacific raceways). Between motos one of my competitors decided to use the track's fire-hose style nozzle to wash his bike. He must've flushed a bunch of sand into the carb and/or ... more »

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There is/was no better-sounding motorcycle in my opinion than a factory 250 2-stroke.

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Honda added a tooth to the rear, dropped 10cc of oil in the forks, then got graphics that said "Bultaco." Now its Jody's favorite...

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No pics, but I used to love the "Big Johnson" shirts. The slogan on the MX one was "grab a handful and get dirty"...loved those.

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I had a 94, 96, and in likely my most regrettable life decision, a 97 that I got rid of the 96 for. I was on 125s before 94 and Kawi after the 97 CR. My 96 was one of my favorite bikes ever. Swapped fork springs and played with oil height and the forks ... more »

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Nope. Banshee is an inline twin 350cc two stroke by Yamaha.

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Wasn't that the bike where you have to drain the coolant and pull the water pump just to get to the oil filter?

Added reply in a thread Tear off ban in Australia 12/11/2016 12:34 PM

Maybe because roll-offs suck donkey butt? It blows looking through a band across the lens. The total contribution of tear offs to the ecosystem's issues doesn't amount to a pinch of sour owl shit compared to the things we allow in industry every day. ... more »

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Not a diesel guy but have built a number of gas engines over my lifetime. 18-20 PSI hot at full revs/5-7 idle seems awfully low. What does the manual spec for oil pressure? 18-20 PSI on an engine that's supposed to make 25 wouldn't be a huge deal. The ... more »

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I truly believe the much hyped CRF is mostly that-hype. Not trying to whizz in anyone's Wheaties, but the thing doesn't look revolutionary. As far as the fork "based on A-kits but w/o the coatings," what bike hasn't made reference to "borrowing works ... more »

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Europe maybe?

Added reply in a thread What happens when a pro signs a big money gear/helmet/goggle deal but it fits like shit or not at all? 11/29/2016 12:47 PM

Doesn't surprise me. I had a buddy in college that built a really nice engine for his 5.0 Mustang. Lunched a cylinder soon after dropping it in due to one of those plugs losing a ground strap. IIRC he fought Splitfire long enough that they bought the ... more »

Added reply in a thread Best reply to bike sale haggler? 11/28/2016 6:45 AM

Was selling a CRF450 for 4500 obo with an almost new Yosh full pipe. Said right on the ad, "no trades and not willing to part out". As one would expect... "Hey man, not looking for a bike but can we reach a deal on selling me the exhaust?" I considered ... more »

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It's funny how preferences vary-My 2002 CR250 was one of two bikes that I wish I never would've sold. Absolutely loved it. Other than bars, a PC pipe/silencer, Vforce reed cage and a Keihin carb swap I didn't do anything to it, and it felt like some ... more »

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My vote would be YZ or RM. Honda used flanges on the seams and my KX's were all more of a gunmetal dark grey than black.

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97 CR250-sold after 5 rides, sat the rest of 97 out...

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For some reason I thought it was a Honda but I'm not certain in my memory. Yes at the end of the whoops, she was sitting on the fence with a friend if memory serves (shouldn't have been sitting there, but that's another issue). If it was you, my apologies ... more »

Added reply in a thread Mini O's WTF Drama? 11/23/2016 5:30 AM

Not that it's acceptable either way, but there's a huge difference between ghosting your bike at another rider wearing safety gear (RV vs JLaw, MXKied vs LaRocco) and a crowd of people. I was at Washougal years ago when a young woman got cleaned off ... more »

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My grandfather worked at the Skunk Works (Lockheed's secret airplane division) and was part of the SR-71 project. Although he worked on other aircraft (F-104, U-2, etc) he was incredibly proud of the SR-71. There is a pride that everyone that was connected ... more »