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Thank you....All over that.

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Haarrr harrrr !! Yah I thought I saw that guy in Harmony Minnesota driving a buggy.....

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BWAAAAHAAHAHAHA !!! Now that's funny....Dads are great

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I didn't think I had it but I just realized that I had my go pro running when Hill went over the bars and all that went down ..I was up on the hill by the fence...Its good footage but not very close. I will try to get it posted

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Bwaaaaahahahaha that is funny....

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Haaa Haaa! Great topic. I bolted up my kids suspension after a refresh...He comes back after 2 laps with his front break caliper hanging from the hose and says something's wrong my break don't work...Darn I forgot to tighten the bolts....Wow did I feel ... more »

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The Concept 2 rower is badass for cardio, Running a 30 minute loop in the hills(CHEAP WORKOUT) along with some of the workout stuff from Gary Semics and Ryno while using GNC Lean protein or Ryno's protein and completely wearing out my RMZ is what helped ... more »

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Uhhhhm thiers dirtayyyy stuff on thier...dont let yure kids go the thier

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Call me i sent a pm to ya...

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Ahhhh!! I did that on the last 2 stroke i did as well..I had the clutch basket taken off already and did not remember that little tip...Thank you...I'll throw the clutch back on and give it try...

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Haaaa....Talk about high anxiety!!!yah all the stress of my 10 year old racing 2 classes and me trying to ride vet class keeps me revved up till were loading up...By the time i get to the gate and I'm ready to puke..hahahaah my son missed the gate drop ... more »

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Did it !! I was able to get 5000 meters down to 19 min 52 sec...On resistance 10 ..I seriously didn't think id get below 20 minutes considering how i felt the first time i used it....

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Yah! that sounds like a puuuuker fer sure...

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Wow the concept 2 is a great training tool for moto...5000 meters down to 20 min 10 sec..I had it under 20 min today but almost ralphed during the last 75 meters...daaangit i was close...Between the concept 2 and Semics conditioning stuff i might just ... more »