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My Kiddo
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Seatbounce it
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Yooooowhooooo...A class A is a CDL...Class A is Combination vehicle WITH AIR BRAKE.. Class B is straight truck, no trailer With Air brake....Class C is not a CDL....Get a class A and get experience. You are going to have hell getting one with out a truck ... more »

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No but i do have tinfoil on my rabbit ears....Speaking of rabbit ears...Ever kiss a rabbit betweeen the ears...Haaaaarrrrrrrr..For whatever reason its all better now.....

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I meant can't... you know that dood..Kick a man when he's down..... Fox sports 2 is on some KEVND network..Last time it was on that network it did the same thing. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY OH WHYYYYYYUU

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340 hours on my 13 Rmz 450 with FC suspension..Seriosely couldnt be happier with this bike...I bought it new, 340 hrs is no bullshit...works connection hour meter..Had to split the cases and rebuild the tranny at 130 hrs or so..Some seriose false nuetrals ... more »

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Yu guys are super sensitive...I was thinking it was a pretty good interview .. I t was good to see KRok at a race hanging out...

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Makes me grin to watch that guy...I remember somebody somewhere here not to long ago, said ! That guy is just trying to stay relevant in the sport... Holy ballz if that isn't relevance

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I pick the in shape guy ...Not the fat one

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Please ! Not Bowers.....

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Juliana is doing awesome...She totally brings some class to that gig and i appreciate it...That is all...

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Pussys...Im guessing you guys are not hockey players....Hockey gear smells 10 times worse than a little stinko in your boots...They work for it...A couple a doods i know got to tour the Geico trailer when Tomac was on a honda...Tomacs boots were outside ... more »

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Fox sports 2. Its on

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Baaaahaahah !!!!!! Thier using us Supercross fans to get the ratings up for nascar.....Not right. I was excited for the prerace stuff ! Damnitttttt......wow had to edit my spelling...Surely i would have been harrassed..

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Funny ! I dont remember saying Dunge was boring..I think I said i noticed things were getting a bit tense...

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Not so sure..I had a funny feeling after the First heat something may be up ...When Musquin Jumped the finish and went by Dunge at the checker it looked like he went by with a little attitude..Dunge looked back like WTF,,Then he gave that preocupied ... more »

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No.The answer is no ! Has nobody else heard him say that he has alot more he wants to accomplish....Go Trump

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Phil would be the perfect candidate for Aldens program .That would be the great experiment...

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You are kidding.....damnnnitttttt !!!! Noooooooo