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I'm riding more and more Dual Sport only, just getting too old to hammer those trails now. Looking at a new KLR650 now it's about the cheapest and will run 75 on the hi-way all day too. Keep my KTM450 for Desert and high speed dirt roads.

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F-250 Diesel Quad cab 17 MPG city up to 20 hi-way. Toyota 4-Runner about the same mileage.

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[quote="drmarkr":3sc48j4m][quote="Robert":3sc48j4m]Anyone here going?[/quote:3sc48j4m] How long does it take to get from Glen Helen to Tulare?? And where is Ridgecrest? MR[/quote:3sc48j4m] From GH 2 1/2 hours and about the same to Ridgecrest. You can ... more »

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Then why have a Toronto ?

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[quote="BobbyM":2tx6ow4h]man that sux. here's to a speedy and full recovery[/quote:2tx6ow4h] X2

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2 pussies got together

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One of the best Honda's ever. Sorry I ever sold mine.

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Queen Street West and near University Street is a Bar Cafe that sell Texas stuffed baked potatoes. A must try, be sure to order just one. They have a sidewalk menu

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Outdoors is where its at !

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[quote="bs240":2yiaehvu][youtube1:2yiaehvu][/youtube1:2yiaehvu] still think this is the best[/quote:2yiaehvu] Those guys are friggin nuts.

<img src='/assets/emoticons/grin.png' alt='grin' />
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The ole man drinks Engine Ice.

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[quote="kaw rider9":omp35ds0]Not a street bike, I said a Dual sport Kaw!!![/quote:omp35ds0] Never thought you would catch me looking at one of those but my buddy and I went to 2 shops today looking at the 650KLRs. We had the thoughts of riding to our ... more »

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My last trip down to the desert I saw maybe 10 of those.

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Best off road bike I ever rode was my 05 300, the only reason I went back to 4 strokes is for riding dual sports, and having the bike plated is great.

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[quote="flarider":7stmi1pg][quote="guyb":7stmi1pg]I think everyone (including the AMA need to quit looking at the Lites class as a development class. We have two pro classes.[/quote:7stmi1pg][/quote:7stmi1pg]

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[quote="guyb":2q9lz5c1]I can check. I'm sorry if we cause you to suffer mouse finger pump every week.

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Here's the link to the homepage story. ... polis,2743...and one of my favorites... [/quote:2q9lz5c1] Thanks for the new wallpaper ... more »
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Thats one he won't forget.

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Wish I would have been there. Friday night walleye on a stick @ Mall Of America.

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[quote="2-tokes":2f073jgs][quote="BobbyM":2f073jgs] Bobby, lets see your sacless ass get out there been out there sonny. maybe you should give it a try.[/quote:2f073jgs] So what was your excuse? You must have been good....Wait, I never heard of you. ... more »

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Jesus christ, you guys are just too easy.