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Michael Ray Craig

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I have nothing but good things to say about Race Tech. Good phone support. They always send your stuff back. They are really good at running your credit card..haha... no complaints!

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The look on the perps face tells me he won't make it out of prison.

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If you haven't quit by now it's not going to happen, time to face facts that your prime has passed, Mitch Payton is not going to call. Next year you can ride vet and +30 with guys who have to work on Monday, it should be safer and if a guy is riding ... more »

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I am curious about how many people watch the mxgp on subscription? 50,000 maybe? Anybody know how to come up with the real numbers, I know how many watch supercross on tv because the numbers are published.

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Herlings couldn't carry Tomac's jock strap at the MEC or Musquin or Roczen or Barcia or........list goes on. Yet I read in another thread that he is the FMOTP? Agreed the Herlings is fast on open outdoor tracks he has raced for years. Likely 2 or 3 riders ... more »

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Sounds like your financial situation may not support moto, I have been there myself while in college. This is what I did to get by for a couple years until I graduated and got a good job. Buy a used mountain bike off Craigslist decent hardtails can be ... more »

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MXGP........ you know that series that is a traveling circus that goes to a bunch of third world countries and has one fast guy (AC222) who is getting old and one really fast guy (JH84) who is afraid to come race supercross after watching the Gasjer ... more »

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Just a couple thou, or is that tenths? Most precision machinists refer to it as a ....... hair, haha

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Highly unlikely to be a hard parts issue, much more likely to be a mapping, ignition timing, failed sensors, electronic combination of events that created the failures. Usually these are created by a rider saying "can we turn this up just a hair" "If ... more »

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Media exposure of a race of bikes (125 2T) that steal sales from their most profitable and maintenance intensive bikes (250F) is not even on the agenda of manufacturers still making 125's. Therefore why would it be on their parasites agenda? Don't bite ... more »

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I have one as well on a 12' yz250 works great. Use it for 3 more hours and you will decide to keep it. Highly Recommend!

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Most moto around my area is on Saturday, we have an agreement saturday is my day and Sunday is her day. I plan Saturdays for me (whatever I want to do usually moto) Sunday I do whatever she wants. Hang with her family, shoppping, church, whatever... ... more »

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When I played football and we were at our rivals stadiums they always booed when we can in. The louder the boos the more pumped we got. Marvin should embrace his new persona as the bad boy of moto. Kurt Busch is always booed in NASCAR and he makes top ... more »

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Jeff Alessi, started talking and got fed a giant shut up sandwich. Peds in moto is real. It's like speeding in your car, some people do it every day and never get caught, some do it once and get popped their first time.

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I just ran the "plate" it's registered to Pabst Blue Ribbon marketing dept.

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Love to see the euro passion, any chance any of you euro bros could post some pics of your chainsaws with the chains off I would hate to see an injuries when you guys are fanboying it up. Also some smoke bombs of your nationality would be cool too!

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Probably see Herlings at the monster energy cup this year too....nope cause he's a one trick pony. Gasser embarrassed himself last year and no mxgp rider has the balls to show up for a million bucks. So get over yourselves already bout Herlings speed ... more »