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I’m sorry this is just plain idiotic. They may have an option in theory but not in practice. $1,000 says you could put a ring of fire jump on the track and you’ll still have 22 riders at the gate. Why? Because they’re all chasing championships, securing future rides, or simply a paycheck to get to the next race. As if KRoc or ET can just say, “you know what, this track is stupid dangerous, I’m just going to take the weekend off.” Just because they’re willing to lineup doesn’t justify going to the extreme with track design. If you know anything about MX/SX, you know the probability of serious injury at some point in your career is somewhere between 98-100%. I like seeing pros challenged just as much as the next guy but i also like to see them lineup at the gate.

Appreciate the good read as always, Cooksey.

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Holy #%^* man, honest question, did your parents not give you enough hugs as a kid? Why such negativity and vitriol? “Pretend that your little article will actually do anything about it?” Is my internet messed up or did i miss the part where he was asking for volunteers to march on Feld headquarters and demand change? 1) It’s called an opinion piece. You don’t have to agree with it. Personally i didn’t think the track was all that bad but since I’m not a resident of Germany in the 1930’s i happen to value other’s opinions, even those i might disagree with. That’s especially true if they encourage intelligent dialogue on important issues. e.g. rider safety. 2) Classic example of assuming because someone is brilliant in one discipline they must be in another separate but related discipline. By your logic every hall of fame baseball/basketball/football player must be genius at designing plays and/or coaching. Only history tells us the exact opposite is true. For all i know RC might be the greatest track designer who ever lived but IF that’s the case, odds are it has little to nothing to do with his riding ability.

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Wow. Give the new guy a break. He's just getting used to the new ride and will get better with some more seat time and tuning

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Congrats to Mike Alessi, I know he'll be a great Dad. I think back to his Q&A on Vital and how well he presented himself, also, with all the adversity and drama he's been involved in, he remained positive and upbeat. 800 is a good dude.

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These photos are amazing GuyB! The clarity brings out the colors and makes you feel you are right there! Thanks for posting these and keep up the good work!

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