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Reply to El Hombre... 12/8/2020 7:42 PM

OP: Posts super cool video Next several comments: Arguing over absolutely nothing

Reply to Alex Martin on a KTM450 11/11/2020 4:43 PM

It’s either already taken down or not on his personal page. BIG LEAK

Reply to Jed Beaton on a scrub limit. 11/5/2020 5:08 AM

Just looked through your other comments. They’re all as annoying as this one.

Reply to Prado got Covid! 10/25/2020 6:19 AM

Americans have no concept of anecdotal evidence. Just because you don’t personally know someone with an aluminum frame cr500 doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And just because you don’t know someone in their 30s who is healthy and has died from Covid, doesn’t ... more »

Reply to Bad move by riders, bad solution by PD 10/19/2020 9:39 AM

“Is employed & hardworking” I’m not trying to take this off the rail but if it were a white kid would you have said that? Because I know you wouldn’t have. People don’t think they’re racist because they don’t understand how ignorant they sound when ... more »

Reply to The saddest PR... 10/14/2020 5:13 AM

In my naivety to how many things behind the scenes work, I assumed they were too big to fail and would find another title sponsor without issue. This is a huge blow to the sport. So many top riders are out and budgets at other teams will not magically ... more »

Reply to Fall MX season 9/21/2020 4:51 AM

In regards to the placement of monster cup: Who cares? This fall weather is so perfect for Moto. I’d be curious what the riders think about that idea.

Reply to Going to Spring Creek 9/19/2020 6:18 AM

My brother decided to come to Millville last minute but pre sale tickets are gone. Anyone know if they’re sold out???

Reply to Going to Spring Creek 9/18/2020 5:21 AM

Millville is the best. The Martin family and the facility itself are both top notch as they come. I love attending and riding the track is second to none if you ever get the chance.

Reply to Chad on gas gas in 21 - tell me this doesn’t make sense! 9/17/2020 4:45 AM

Read this in a yoda voice

Reply to KX fender on KTM? 9/14/2020 7:40 AM

My favorite team bikes ever.

Reply to Beat it with your base building crap. 9/13/2020 2:51 PM

Some humans excel at certain things more than others regardless of preparation. That’s how literally everything in life works.

Reply to Baggett on why tracks get one lined on race day 9/12/2020 4:56 AM

I think the that one of the biggest detriments to one lined outdoor tracks is the Litpro. The technology is incredible and they work so well, but there is no longer any question what line around the track is the shortest/fastest. I know that not everybody ... more »

Reply to Ned a little help (considering a 250 2T vs 250F 9/11/2020 1:54 AM

Same advice everyone typically gives applies. 4 stroke Can ride lazier More maintenance Feel heavier Won’t make you as tired physically 2 stroke Feels lighter and more nimble Will make you a better rider Stand up more Look cooler Sound better Be in the ... more »

Reply to I swear I seen an El Chupacabra 9/10/2020 11:49 PM

What is that across his forehead? I’m tired. Someone explain.

Reply to Who is going to slam Bam Bam? 9/10/2020 11:48 PM

I hope it’s mostly clean racing from here on out and that Barcia really has matured as much as I think he has. He gets in some weird positions that are very gray but usually not blatant takouts like in years past. They seem to be the result of a lot ... more »

Reply to Any good photos of Masterpool's holeshot? 9/10/2020 2:34 AM

Great job. This is incredible. Hope you can find an address and mail it to Ty.

Reply to Mount Rushmore MX 9/7/2020 7:13 PM

RC James Stewart Roger Decoster Jeremy McGrath

Reply to Lots of free advertising for Yamaha 9/7/2020 2:58 PM

This. I truly believe that unless it’s an impulse buy online, and most motorcycles are not, marketing doesn’t influence folks as much as people are led to believe. Yes there’s brand recognition. Yes we support people who support the sport...but when ... more »

Reply to Timing/watch shougal? 9/6/2020 9:43 AM

We landed on the moon!