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He’s not doing anything to purposefully run more laps than he needs to.

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He does seem to express his pain in a pretty animated way most of the time. Hard to tell if it was serious but he did get thrown off pretty hard.

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Same sentiment. I liked him before tonight but he made several uncool moves

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Already clipped my comment saying he is trash too. It wasn’t even rude. This is hilarious

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This kid is the truth.

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Me too. Better to burn out then to fade away. Just hang it up and avoid the risk of injury. I support him doing whatever he wants but this sport is too dangerous to go out and prove absolutely nothing and risk everything.

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How did you do that.

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My favorite rider of all time. Technique and smooth, flowy style second to none IMO. I’ve always felt Honda’s are easiest to get on and feel comfortable right away. They look great as well. Jett Lawrence may be in that same ballpark with the effortless, ... more »

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Barcia Roczen Webb AC Tomac *wildcard I’d guess 6

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He’s definitely sick most recently, but I’m not sure he’d be the same pace as KR, ET, CW etc with health on his side

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There are a few factors in his life that are a bit different, but I’m sure he’s still got the raw speed. Things always get best for him around/past the halfway point. He usually loses the season the first half, turns it up the second half and has a near ... more »

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I pushed myself a lot when I had bronchitis by continuing trying to run and ride when I “felt better” and forced myself into succumbing to a chronic auto immune disease. Have to listen to your body. Wish I had.

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This is the dumbest train of thought I’ve read on this topic. You know who watches SX? Dudes between the age of 14-50. You know how many dudes in that demographic do not watch the broadcast because there isn’t enough sex? Very little. But you know who ... more »

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Track looks awesome to me...

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FMX has a history of one-off tricks. Remember Brian Deegans backflip that was off axis? This Axell trick is named very accurately IMO

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Takeaways after a full gate and a dry track AC9 hype is justified. He ran upfront, and despite a bobble or 2, he had the speed to win. Cooper Webb did what helped him win a championship last year. He minimized the damage on what could’ve easily been ... more »

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Great ride by AC9. I’m very impressed and hope it continues!!

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Brayton won his first SX race nearly 10 years older than these stats posted above. It wasn’t a championship but I don’t think these stats are hard and fast rules like some of you are treating them.