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So awesome. Thank you for sharing. This is great.

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Used to live for “in the ranks” when I was a kid! Watched those and mini warriors hundreds of times easily.

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If anyone on here ends up going, take some photos and share for those of us still full swing in winter!

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I don’t mean this to be rude, although it’s just the truth. One week ago most of this board did nothing but mock this entire thing. Look at how differently people are posting now. It’s unsettling to say the least. We all know it’s going to get worse ... more »

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Big time Eli naysayer for the most part here. If they call it after Indy, however it ends is how it ends and the champ is a champ. They all have had the same opportunities and a fair chance to be leading points right now. If Eli wins, I’ll be happy for ... more »

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Eli seems like the obvious choice right now.

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I liked when he said marchbanks likes to pack up his 4 by 4 and go 4 by 4ing but that he was doing good 2 wheeling tonight. My wife was like “I didn’t want to say anything but these commentators are really bad. You don’t think they’re doing a good job ... more »

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I would be pretty cool to see but he’s just trying to get folks talkin

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Oh. Ok. So men are only men when they wear certain things at small windows in time. That’s high fashion. Guess what, when we wear motocross gear most people think you look like the guy in the picture you posted on the right. Cuz it’s abnormal ... more »
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After the last few years I can see Roczen calling it sooner than most do. Chronic fatigue is no joke and pushing it may not make him a happy dude in the long term. Baggett strikes me as a dude who could race until he’s 35.

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I’m curious to see if Tomac having 2 new enemies will make him rise to the occasion of added pressure, or have an off weekend or 2. Hard to say, but he hasn’t always done well with pressure in supercross previous years.

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Why do you buy you and your family Patagonia coats instead of target brand? Why buy Nike shoes and not sketchers? Why buy graphics kits for your bike at all? Why are most of the people on this forum adults and somehow do not understand branding and marketable ... more »

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I understand where you’re coming from, for sure. I just feel that he looks very big on the bike out there. He still had to stretch that thing to time the double triple triple section last night. Seems to me that he’s big for the 250 even with the power ... more »

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I like this thread. It’s a far cry from all the “he’s not going to be ready to move up” comments last year when he won the title. His riding style and stature are going to suit a 450 really well, and the way he’s defending this title Id say he is looking ... more »

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The beauty of the rekluse for myself personally was that I never had to touch the clutch cornering. I’m able to focus solely on throttle control without having to worry about clutch/throttle which of course becomes second nature after decades of riding. ... more »

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Should’ve stuck to a one word response, guy. Clearly there’s more to the story.

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People in Jlaw threads have the exact same 3 responses everytime.

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Why are you being so hateful? This is a teenage boy racing his second supercross race ever. You should dial it back about 9 notches. Great ride by Jalek Swoll. Ninth in your second supercross ever is nothing to bat an eye at.