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Booing anybody in our sport is childish. Love him or hate him, be a decent human being. This guy lives thousands of miles from home and is chasing a dream every single one of us wishes we could’ve lived. Who cares if he blockpasses someone you’re a fan ... more »

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Hahaha exactly what this guy said. I’ve bought craigslist bikes. I know how most of you turds torque your stuff. 215 coors pounds of force per bolt. Those mechanics did a great job. They never get the credit they deserve in the first place and you dweebs ... more »

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It was obviously not intentional, but yeah unintentionally he did yup

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Anderson’s Instagram story implies that he is already in salt lake. Maybe the altitude doesn’t cause an issue at the 4K foot stadium in Utah as opposed to Colorado..or he wasn’t there for press day but posted some things to make it look like he was. ... more »

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Good interview with a lot of inconvenient truths from Malcolm. I really like that dudes sincerity and humble attitude. The article itself was full of grammatical errors. Proofreading before publishing would’ve made certain parts of it much less confusing. ... more »

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Life Alert

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Just read through your comments over the past year. Not many of them. Most are talking about Tomac winning the championship, having the fastest lap of the day etc. you’re a Tomac fan.

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Us minnesotans got 20 inches a week ago.

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You mean 7th place? Yeah, that’s really really good. Malcolm is extremely fast and a nice guy to boot.

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I don’t like either of them. Eli is acting like a 14 year old boy. Marvin is too scared to stand behind his decision with a backbone. Both of them are dweebs. Eli fans, however, are just as sensitive as the overgrown child they so adore. This whole situation ... more »

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Can’t help but root for Jmart. Such a seemingly down to earth dude, who works hard and doesn’t make excuses. Gotta love the guy.

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You guys have been begging for this for years. They give it to you and you have a million complaints. Justifiable or not, shut up. This is awesome. This is going to be incredible. Great start to something that will likely grow Into something bigger and ... more »

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Moto 1-3

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He was standing right in front of us on the track before he walked out. Seemed like he was holding his left wrist/arm but could’ve been a collar bone

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The white seems more unique to Husqvarna but this is a nice look as well. To me it makes the bike look more like the Japanese brands.

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You’re an idiot. Downtown minneapolis is extremely safe. You saw a drug addict. That’s an isolated incident. If you let that define your experience you’re too sensitive. Minneapolis is extremely safe as a whole. Don’t be an ignorant dweeb. Also, if you ... more »

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Listen to MR X. He is correct.

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You’re telling me a city that rains over 30% of the time doesn’t have a closed dome? Rational.....

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The “holes in their game” that he’s referring to are at the pro level. This thread has a lot of talk about amateurs but initial discussion is about the next big thing at the current professional level.