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I don’t like either of them. Eli is acting like a 14 year old boy. Marvin is too scared to stand behind his decision with a backbone. Both of them are dweebs. Eli fans, however, are just as sensitive as the overgrown child they so adore. This whole situation ... more »

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Can’t help but root for Jmart. Such a seemingly down to earth dude, who works hard and doesn’t make excuses. Gotta love the guy.

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You guys have been begging for this for years. They give it to you and you have a million complaints. Justifiable or not, shut up. This is awesome. This is going to be incredible. Great start to something that will likely grow Into something bigger and ... more »

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Moto 1-3

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He was standing right in front of us on the track before he walked out. Seemed like he was holding his left wrist/arm but could’ve been a collar bone

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The white seems more unique to Husqvarna but this is a nice look as well. To me it makes the bike look more like the Japanese brands.

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You’re an idiot. Downtown minneapolis is extremely safe. You saw a drug addict. That’s an isolated incident. If you let that define your experience you’re too sensitive. Minneapolis is extremely safe as a whole. Don’t be an ignorant dweeb. Also, if you ... more »

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Listen to MR X. He is correct.

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You’re telling me a city that rains over 30% of the time doesn’t have a closed dome? Rational.....

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The “holes in their game” that he’s referring to are at the pro level. This thread has a lot of talk about amateurs but initial discussion is about the next big thing at the current professional level.

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This is the reiterated point of this thread. Yes tdeath totally agree

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We have now, and for nearly a decade, been in an era where every single athlete in MX/SX is groomed from an early age. The standard set by RC, Stew, Ryan V and Ryan D, is paramount. This is obvious. Some feel that we lack a “next big thing” rider such ... more »

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“I’m not discrediting his finish at all” “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Tons of guys are out” You were, in fact, discrediting his finish.

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Great article. That about sums up what I and most others feel is the case.

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Great question!

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Brayton has had podiums and top 5s many times in recent years. I’d be willing to bet more than a few of them were in front of reed. Don’t sell Brayton short. He’s been a great rider for many years, by any standard.