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It’s an airbag capable of being used for a multiple body parts. Neck and spine specifically

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I’ll just leave this here....I’ve posted it multiple times in the past. We are indefinitely nearing the point that this technology being reappropriated for Moto is necessary IMO

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So interesting that people like Cooper and Barcia are able to turn substantially faster lap times (albeit on a pretty wet track) and things can be so different when the gate drops. I’m using these two as an example but this is the case almost weekly. ... more »

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Renthal CR High. I’m 6’1 and run the bars parallel with the forks. Best set up for standing up a lot and being in the attack position comfortably for a semi taller guy

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In all seriousness, I’ve seen that more times than I can count. Someone will qualify on a smoker and I’ll read about it on RacerX instagram, then when I view the results later it’s listed as a 450.

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Just because you don’t know the entire story doesn’t mean you can assume it. I don’t blame him for not wanting to involve police. I found a stolen bicycle once, involved police and they treated me as if I was a thief the entire time they spoke to me. ... more »

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Awesome piece of memorabilia man! I’m curious to know the backstory on how you ended up with it and why you’re unsure of what era it’s from?

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Well 2 stroke is up almost 30%....

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Winner takes the bank.

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When you say 19, do you mean that the two stroke only rule wouldn’t take place until next year? Or is that a typo?

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Using your 12 year old kid as a pawn in a pissing match tells the tale pretty well..

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The guy ripping hole shots and running top 5 in his first handful of 450 races thinking he can compete for a championship is delusional? No. You thinking that you can climb 10 sets of steps without getting winded is delusional...Christian can win races. ... more »

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Not to derail the thread but did you see the crowd size? So many more spectators than Now...

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You guys are so out of touch with who supreme is and why fox would do a collaboration with them. They’re the biggest street wear brand in existence. Watching this turn into a racist, “patriotic” debate is comical and shows your true colors. It’s so frustrating ... more »

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If his performance in this class were to help him out long term, isn’t that a bit of insight on what’s to come with future interest of young riders racing this class?

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Exactly. This.

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So because his wife is encouraging and involved it’s somehow a sign of his weakness? You need someone to explain to you how emotional support works. It doesn’t make him weak. It makes you narrow minded.

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Standing more is the hidden-in-plain-sight key to speed on a motocross track.

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Excellent, thank you I do not have cable/satellite/direct tv of any sort.