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This is a fun one. James would have had some more wins and titles as well. I often like to think about the people who DIDNT race but may have been a goat in this world of what-ifs. Some kid who won lorettas and his parents ran out of money or what have ... more »

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This is an interesting debate. Sports like baseball, basketball or even track and field have changed very few variables in a hundred years. Supercross and motocross on the other hand make very large changes every decade. It does make several incomparable ... more »

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It’s so hard to believe this but as you said, they get a prime spot. I’m sure that it’s true. Too bad motocross has the stigma that it does, when the sport is one of the most entertaining/gnarliest on earth IMO. I did, however, get prettttty into battlebots ... more »

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Isn’t Dungey still ahead of Tomac statistically? I understand that Tomac is a once in a few year phenomenon as far as raw speed, but there are a few dudes in the last 20 years with better stats... I believe in SX All time wins he’s 7th And in MX 3rd ... more »

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Not at all. I am an A rider. I have bike and clutch control and when on a track the only time I use the rekluse is to keep the bike from stalling in a tip over or toward the end of a moto when tired in the event of stalling the bike on big braking bumps. ... more »

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You don’t need to get your suspension sent off either but it sure helps.

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I used to have a chrome helmet with flames when I was on 80s because of the crusty demons look, and McGrath always had flashy helmets. I thought flashy stuff was so cool. I had cow print LBZ pants too at one point but realized when we started racing ... more »

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Yz250 with a flywheel weight and Rekluse Auto clutch Or, keep your current bike and put a rekluse on that. Makes riding woods so fun and easy. You can put it in 2nd gear, keep your hand off the clutch entirely then just aim and shoot I had a 2013 yz250 ... more »

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Confidence. This sport is 70% mental. Get confident on small jumps, and don’t do things you’re not ready for. When you are ready, it’ll come easy.

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I’m with Tuna. I could buy another pipe for the same price and smashing 2 pipes would probably take a year or so. I’d rather risk it and like how my bike looked.

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So sick

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Is it one of his blogs?

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That was incredible haha weege really crushes it

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So glad this isn’t what I thought it was He looks healthy.....and comfortable

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Only chickenpox are rarely fatal

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Well I do think

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From the video, it seems like maybe he’s already recovered? Tough dude. Glad he’s doing well in the video posted.

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I know that they’re really great to ride, and functionally great. I don’t know if it’s my moto background but I just have a tough time thinking that they look at all “cool”. On the other hand, ya don’t have to look cool to have a LOT of fun on a motorcycle. ... more »

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This virus stuff is far from over. We are in the earliest stages and have NO IDEA where it will go from here. I want supercross back so badly. I want to wake up and go to work so badly. The reality is that making any statement about the “season” is blind ... more »

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Man I love this thread so much. Happy for all of the dads in here who could share motorcycles with their children. I’m very thankful that my dad showed me the greatest passion I’ve ever had; riding a motorcycle.