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HBD Steve.. Damn, how many years has he been gone now? Miss that guy, he was always one of the good ones.

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I usually like your threads and content, and I’m glad you’re back. Just offering some constructive criticism, the thread topics being completed would make it a lot easier to know what to click on and what to pass on. I don’t read every thread due to ... more »

Started new thread Is it... 5/16/2021 10:07 PM

That difficult to make it obvious what your thread is about in the subject? Imagine what this place would be like to navigate if everyone did this...

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Is it bad that I can tell who the author is without looking by the ambiguous clickbait subject title?

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Right, but my intent wasn’t to compare Jlaw to Marley. I was just using Marley as an example, could swap his name with anyone’s who a “Where are they now?” thread has been started about.

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People starting threads asking what Johnny Marley is up to these days, but someone posts an interesting Jason Lawrence update and people complain. Go figure.

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Original condition, not restored. It’s not mine but local to me if anyone’s interested, can put you in contact with the seller.

... more »

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I met Jim and his wife in Dallas back around 1998? He had a new 4spd MC250 that he let me ride, it was a cool bike. Real salt of the earth people.

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This isn’t Jim Cook is it?

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Bill Lumbergh @ 0:26

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I’m turning 40 this year, wife turns 33. No kids. She wants them, I’m not so sure. I’ve never had that paternal instinct. I never felt like I needed to get married and start a family, I’ve always enjoyed my freedoms too much. That being said, if she ... more »

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Consider what you can still get parts for. Kawi, Suzuki and Honda have all discontinued manufacturing OEM parts for these bikes. Get a Yamaha, it’s future proof.

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RonJon sent his YZ125 engine in December and got it back in February. He doesn’t see what the big deal is.

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If Tomac wants out at Kawi it would be a great time for Suzuki to release a next gen RMZ and write him a fat cheque.

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Last time Roczen attempted a shitty move on Webb was San Diego 2018, it didn’t turn out well for him. He probably remembers that and knows that making voluntary contact isn’t worth it.

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Ding ding ding. The racing was way better, riders made mistakes and couldn’t recover to still triple/quad a section. it wasn’t a traction controlled drag race from corner to corner like it is now. Compare any footage from the 90’s to now, it doesn’t ... more »

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Tyler’s Great Uncle Horse?

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I bet everyone thought it was foolish at the time, and now he’s sitting on a gold mine.

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I really like how those wheels turned out, I may end up doing the same with mine if I can’t find a smoking deal on a complete set.

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His math is broken too, 3 years ago today dealers were still getting in new 2018 inventory.