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Geez- us, it's like Isle of Mann on dirt bikes

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" ... it's just a suggestion, but ask for A LOT more money next year "

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I have a full carbon on a KTM 250. It fit good. It is lighter than stock & looks great. However ; the rear portion is mild steel, not stainless. It rusts constantly. A shit decision considering the industry standard is stainless. Also - to repack ... more »

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Very much doubt that MM25 is losing sleep due to a handful of dullards on a message board that have an issue with the way in which he comports himself.

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A shame. Herlings racing the Nationals would likely create far more more interest worldwide than anything else KTM achieves in 2019, championships included. Isn't that the whole point of a manufacturer going racing ?

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German feed Eurosport 2 is / has been live today - hoping it'll be same all season. Oops - already mentioned. For those using an android box - PlayersKlub app for 5 bucks a month gets you virtually everything form all over the world.

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3 friends & I went to Kiethsburg for this race, the track was spectacular. It's true that it was graded flat like an asphalt road before practice, by the 2nd motos there were 4' deep whoops in places one would have thought impossible. Some of the ... more »

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1st post & the topic is this ... yippee 1974 ? Hodaka 125 combat wombat - best dirt bike name ever. 1976 125 Elsonore - A B&E shop built 125 that was Barnetts for a season. 1992 RM 125 1978 CZ Falta replica ; Aluminum coffin tank, Fox Air shocks, ... more »