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KR's just fine. He's racing smart & most importantly ; getting good starts every week. Webb improving & with two wins. 10 to go, a thirteen point spread & a handful of possible race winners to jumble things up. Exactly what we ( say ) we ... more »

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Kold Kutters are hardened & mostly stay put depending on the type of tire they're in.

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Yea well, we're a racing town .. we call that a 'holeshot'

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Barcia's impatience & poor awareness likely cost him ( & maybe Tomac ? ) the opportunity to stay in the mix, championship wise. Compare with the patience & track awareness shown by Colt Nichols ride from last to podium finish, Colt was passing ... more »

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RC learned at an early age & is the living embodiment that racing is about results & not participation trophies.

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If a small business like most bike shops aren't operating at a 35-40% gross margin overall - then it's a hobby.

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. We'd have all been entertained if only it had been the 51 in that circumstance rather than 94.

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Missed Ralph a bit. The play by play is always backround noise anyway, liked Ralf's version of it better. Diffey is a pro & was well prepared, but Ralph is a real SX fan & that came through in his broadcasting.

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If one spends some time on youtube & learns about the various IPTV options & how access them, they are far & away the most content for essentially pennies per day. Virtually every live cable channel - worldwide ! Current favorites ; Gamemaster ... more »

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Agreed ML, the industry / fans should be sending a big 'thank you' for the company's commitment to the sport. Marketing strategys change & a decade is long enough to determine if the investment is paying off.

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From the golden era of the sport. Fond memories. We're old enough to have attended several of the Mid-Ohio 125cc USGP's - we'd show up on a Thursday for a Sunday race. One year the Russian 125 team showed up, they were the highlight of the weekend, dragging ... more »

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Tony B. is like no other. Beyond the skill & enormous strength it takes to perform as he's does, what strikes me is the courage he has to even believe some of those moves are possible, not only possible- he than goes on & does it ! It'd be interesting ... more »

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Becoming more a fan of Webb, albeit begrudingly .. Eli was on a roll Wednesday, passing the best SX riders there are currently one after another. Not inconsequentially ; Eli lives & trains at elevation, Webb at essentially sea level. Webb got a clear ... more »

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number six

Regarding cornering technique, one undisputed truth that is applicable to all skill levels ; always hold your cigarette in the left hand between practice sessions. Skeptical ? Ask Joel Robert.

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Funny you mention the Honda Hills Trans-AMA .. Our 1st was a Trans-AMA at mid-Ohio, it must have been the initial race when the venue was moved to Lexington. 1974 ? We know this because we drove to Honda Hills under the assumption the race was still ... more »

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No body ; no crime.

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Weege's premise continues to be underlined with each new post.

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An illustrative example of why an education & a curious mind are of value.