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In the last ~5 ish years I've lost probably... 5-6 riding buddies due to life changing for them (wife, kids, moving away, injury). I'm 40 now with wife and a kid on the way, so I've reduced my risk(s). I don't race or ride main tracks, and if I'm not ... more »

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I'm right there with you on the Yami's jumping well. I went from a '13 Yz to a '16 Kx450 and every jump the new bike is trying to kill me, vs the Yz I could just grip and rip and it was very predictable.

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Thank you for the pet kennel idea. That was genius. I was looking at warehousing security fences and the same thing (basically) was $2500, and I overlooked a simple $300 option which would achieve my goal. I know someone wants it, they will take it, ... more »

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I just bought a condo in SoCal for less than 20 million dollars (slight exaggeration) and that gets you a driveway AND a garage which you share with your neighbors. So that means we both open/close it with the same code and I'm trying to figure out a ... more »

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6'4 220.. I size up XXL and 38 pants for a bit more room for braces, etc. Fasthouse, Alias, and Fly all fit fine

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13, cold.

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Not trying to be intrusive, but respectfully was wondering if anyone have an update? Fingers crossed both guys are stable and recovering as best as they can already. Although I didn't see it, I was there and saw the aftermath, and both guys looked pretty ... more »

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In my opinion, you take the money. I don't think some of you guys know how much money a million dollars really is. You don't have to live in SoCal, there are far cheaper places to live that still offer a ton. To put it into perspective, the average worker ... more »

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PB here.

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I have a 16 KX450 and it's holding up fine. Had FC re-do the suspension and it's way better. Seems to like to eat chain sliders though, but that's about it. Internals held up well, and I did a top end at 100 hours.

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I mean this in a loving way, and not meant to be insulting, but I have to be real with you for a moment here. You sound like an idiot trying to prove something or trying way to hard to keep up with fast guys with way more experience.

It comes ... more »
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Hey dude checkout, cheap stuff but it'll do.

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Anyone want this? I'm trying to give it away, but you'd have to pay me to ship it to you and maybe $5 for my gas to the post office. If you are in Socal, I can meet you at Pala and it's free. I've never used it, came with the bike which had a system

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Awesome! Hopefully spring fork and I'm sold (on a '16 KX450 now).

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Not sure what specific info you are looking for, but we're there about every weekend. They have a 50 track down by the Spy pavilion and it's always great prep there and it's super well run and maintained. We never camp there since we're only 40 miles ... more »

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Anywhere in Encinitas/Del Mar is awesome man (food, views, coffee/wine places), North County SD is baller. If you want to slum it (LOL) come on down South a bit to PB (Pacific Beach). Nothin but hot college girls running around in bikinis and roller

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I'm curious about the replacement schedule and parts of the top guys' bikes - for example, is Kenny out there with a fresh top end, tires, chain, and suspension every practice, or do they go a few days/weeks before swapping stuff out? I also assume they ... more »

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My channel: Because I have fun with it, I don't take myself seriously, and try to learn things every time I ride.

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What's your height/weight?