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Thank you so much smashingpumpkins

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Thanks so much for your help... I was able to reach out to pro action and they pretty much told me the same thing and asked a few questions. Once I sent the info they asked for they were able to get me dialed in.

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You can check your basket. It might need the edges filed down. The plates could be sticking as well. My bike does the same thing until it gets good and warm and I'm suspecting that one of those two symptoms are our problem.

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Hey everyone! I recently purchased a 06 kx85 for my son and it has had a pro action suspension built for it and I was wondering how many clicks would be best for a semi slow trail/track rider that's about 4'10" and 85lbs?

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What did you do with your original shrouds? I would love to purchase them from you even if they are scratched up a little bit.