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New thread All you evil gun owners 5/15/2017 12:09 PM

Looking for any input from those on here concerning .40 SW carbines, especially those that accept Glock magazines, but not necessarily a deal killer if they don't. Love my AR 10 and AR 15 Rock Rivers but not sure I want to spend that much on this carbine ... more »

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New thread Alright, enough is enough. 1/28/2017 8:50 PM

Gotta love Jenny, super cool and classy girl. Someone please tell her to change it up from those leather outfits she has been wearing for so long now. They look like a potato sack on her and I'm thinking she has way more to offer classy or otherwise

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New thread Tactical light/Green laser for Glock 42 1/18/2017 10:26 AM

Any recommendations or experiences? Wife has been wanting a Glock 42 and looking to get her a sweet little setup for Valentines day. Also any experiences or input on the 42 would be appreciated as well.

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New thread Any dealership finance managers on here? 2/12/2016 6:11 PM

I'm currently looking at a possible position as a finance manager for a multi brand motorcycle dealership and was looking for input on approximate salary, commissions, and benefit packages for comparison purposes. If possible please include the approximate ... more »

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New thread Bloomberg? 1/25/2016 5:38 PM

Is he gonna play or just talking? If so, will he have enough impact to screw things up?

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New thread A1 had a little of everything 1/10/2016 12:47 AM

Punchin and shovin Bubba hitting the deck, he can't seem to buy a bit of good luck. Needs to get some magic rocks from Reed or get rid of the magic rocks Reed snuck onto that Suzuki. Worst part is he was riding under control and looked good Seely, one ... more »

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New thread When and why did Reed toss the ... 1/10/2016 12:12 AM


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New thread Reed(s) racing with the locals 9/6/2015 1:58 PM

How did Chad do today against the locals? Did Tate get to race?

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New thread Memphis cop shooting suspect 8/2/2015 5:43 PM

What's Obama and Al going to say about Tremaine Wilbourne? Was there really only a small amount of pot in the car?

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New thread U.S. Capitol gets it right 7/21/2015 5:47 AM

At least some of the folks that are elected are going to honor the recently fallen heros.

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New thread Marvin's visor 6/14/2015 10:40 AM

Damn that was the extendo version.

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New thread Australian MXON team 6/6/2015 3:07 PM

Will Reed be on it or even want to be on it this year? If not, who is in the running to represent them this year?

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New thread Hey Mods - hack takeover in race shop 5/17/2015 12:12 AM

Just a heads up

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New thread Ray's bike in the LCQ 5/2/2015 11:47 PM

Finally getting a chance to watch the races. Have you ever seen a bike act weirder in a fairly low speed crash in the whoops than Ray's bike did in the LCQ? That four stroke was possessed!

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New thread The future of Factory Editions 3/17/2015 5:29 AM

With the success and hoopla of KTMs factory editions and the current success and potential of Honda and its riders will Honda jump on the bandwagon and release an early premium edition like KTM? Yamaha offered two models many moons ago and the potential ... more »

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New thread The difference in Dungey's results this year 3/15/2015 12:29 AM

We all know that Villopoto and Stewart aren't around this year, but from the following choices rank them in order of importance for his improved results. 1. New bike 2. Aldon Baker 3. Less team pressure with Roczen gone 4. Married life works for him ... more »

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New thread Thailand GP trophies 3/9/2015 7:03 AM

Those trophies had to be made of some ultra trick material, they appeared to be very light weight by the way they were handling them.

Cool design though.

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New thread Ugly jersey award 2/21/2015 4:38 PM

Has Tomac been designated to take Barcia's role wearing the ugliest jerseys?

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New thread Calling crusher773 2/15/2015 4:34 PM

Tell us how your experience went. There were a bunch of fast kids out there. Turbo improved his best lap times each time out! And even got a call out for his name.

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New thread So far this year... 2/10/2015 5:19 AM

Who is performing above your pre-seaon expectations? 1) Canard 2) Seely Who did you think would have been doing better at this point? 1) Millsaps Who do you expect to turn it up a notch the rest of the season? 1) Dungey 2) Canard

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