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Reply to Dave Miller 5/26/2020 9:16 AM

Condolences. Made some very nice handcrafted bikes for some lucky riders.

Reply to Moto Legend down?? 4/28/2020 11:08 AM

A true legend that stood the test of time. He had it all and was still a nice guy. Definetely one of the coolest ever. Godspeed to Marty and Nancy and condolences to all involved.

Reply to '69 Camaro build thread 3/13/2020 6:52 PM

Sweet build! Looks great.

Reply to Who the hell makes these decisons? 12/11/2019 3:32 PM

Uhhhhh...... frame weld looks terrible

Reply to Malcolm bandwagon 10/20/2019 10:18 AM

He rode well all three times out of the gate all the way to the finish. It's too bad he waited this late in his career to get more serious and show up in shape but the longer races may reveal other shortcomings. Hopefully he keeps putting in the work ... more »

Reply to Muscle and classic car roll call... 4/27/2019 9:18 PM

Sweet. Google Hajek Motorsports Museum in Ames. Oklahoma. Probably not a bigger Ford nut around and has quite a relationship with Ford.

Reply to Muscle and classic car roll call... 4/27/2019 8:02 PM

Another nice one. Was always an old school nut for those Mustangs, Camaros, and Judges. Did that Orange 69 Z28 you posted in the past ever get a new owner? If so, do you know what they got out of it? That was pretty sweet too. Looked like it had power ... more »

Reply to How does Tyler and his Mom celebrate? 1/13/2019 5:07 AM

... more »

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Reply to Psst... 12 Days of MXmas is back... 12/8/2018 8:28 PM

Sweet prize

Reply to Jody MXA 11/6/2018 7:52 PM

Congrats, well deserved.

Reply to Guy Cooper , American Pickers 6/22/2018 6:21 AM

Guy is as genuine as they come about his passions and never was one to let his success in racing go to his head.

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Reply to Customer of mine getting a car delivered... 5/29/2018 11:02 PM

Like em both

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Reply to Should 300 2-strokes be allowed in the AMA 450 class? 5/27/2018 3:45 PM

Open class, run what you brung, it's Merica!

Reply to RIP Eric Geboers 5/7/2018 4:58 AM

Sad deal, one of the best ever. Condolences

Reply to Diamond Don’s Vintage MX 2018 4/15/2018 8:44 AM

Looks like a great time. Some good memories revisited.

Reply to JB10 3/11/2018 12:32 AM

Great ride, getting that first win at Daytona, Honda and Smartop needed a break and got one. Congrats to all. Oldest SX winner to boot!