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What a prick!

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450 1. Dungey 2. Tomac 3. Webb 250 1. Hill 2. Plessinger 3. McElrath

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Hope so, but probably not, whether it be lingering aches and pains or the mental part of it. He was pretty jazzed up this year, almost seemed like he went to the line thinking he was invincible and was able to get the results to match. Although, he has ... more »

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450 1. Dungey 2. Tomac 3. Musquin 250 1. McElrath 2. Plessinger 3. Hill

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Could you post that gloom and doom end of the party rant for our viewing pleasure again please? Some of your better stuff. Good to see you still have the ability to grin about things left in you unlike some of those in your party.

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It's just when they do the close ups and it's zipped up, makes her look like she has no figure at all. Actually last night they had a few shots with it unzipped, and it looked better that way in my opinion. Dig Jenny, glad to have her onboard again this ... more »

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Gotta love Jenny, super cool and classy girl. Someone please tell her to change it up from those leather outfits she has been wearing for so long now. They look like a potato sack on her and I'm thinking she has way more to offer classy or otherwise

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Yeah I hear you, some of those lasers stick way out there, was looking at the smoother smaller ones and wanted her to have the light and laser for extra confidence if she was by herself and things went south in a hurry due to the smaller round count. ... more »

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Yeah, she liked both but preferred the 42. Can get the plus 2 mag extensions. All of mine are .40 Buddy of mine just quoted me $375 on the 42. Seems like you can get a damn good flashlight but when you add the laser combo to it you lose a bunch of flashlight ... more »

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Any recommendations or experiences? Wife has been wanting a Glock 42 and looking to get her a sweet little setup for Valentines day. Also any experiences or input on the 42 would be appreciated as well.

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Funny stuff

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Now somebody needs to put the blabbering British champ back in his place. He beat Rockhold fair and square, on short notice to boot, but has more questionable decision wins than any other fighter in the sport, past or present. He' so obnoxious ... more »
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One of my wife's favorites, we have to watch it every year around Christmas, in fact watched it again last night. "Let's go find your sister"