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Only in dictionaries and other sources of correctness. ... more »
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Crazy world, it's going to take a lot to fix this mess and the ones that have been allowed to takeover. It won't be pretty either.
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True that.

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Yeah, but you know he's just the lame interview vanilla boy. I'll take the guy that is humble enough to push his own bike if needed, isn't a media clown, doesn't piss and moan about his employers and their products, and let's his results speak for themself. ... more »

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... more »
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Sorry to hear that, too bad the numbers Miss Cleo said were as good as gold for the Powerball drawing didn't pan out, or I would have had two of those in every flavor combination available. They were definitely sweet looking and appeared to be very well ... more »

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Behind Reed, ummmmm NO, although Reed is definitely a stud on a dirbike. Behind Stewart, probably, but he had a ton of wins, and the speed he carried through any obstacle during his prime was unbelievable. Behind Villopoto and Dungey, going to have to ... more »

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Geez dude, your head is so far up the asses of Reed, DV, Matthes, and JT train you hardly have any commom sense left. If you're not bitching about the track or constantly talking about how Reed would have won if only this or that you are wholeheartedly ... more »
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Grab a lug nut.

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Thanks, yes I have looked at those as well and like what I see. It's always good to hear from someone who has them. Kel Tecs look okay but had heard from some that the cheaper Hi Point beats it out.

New thread All you evil gun owners 5/15/2017 12:09 PM

Looking for any input from those on here concerning .40 SW carbines, especially those that accept Glock magazines, but not necessarily a deal killer if they don't. Love my AR 10 and AR 15 Rock Rivers but not sure I want to spend that much on this carbine ... more »

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Yeah, thought he was supposed to mentor and help with testing while racing and end up being part of the team management after retirement. More than likely he'll be out there next year in SX even if he has to pay his own way again, he wants the stats ... more »

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He probably tried to steal the waiver/sign in sheet to show it to the world. You know, just doing his job and getting the big scoop as usual.

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450 1. Dungey 2. Musquin 3. Baggett 250 1. Smith 2. Savatgy 3. Osborne

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Yep, the CFMOTP (current fastest man on the planet)

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Tomac knocking them down as quick as they can rack em up at the moment. It's nice to see someone new be able to step it up and turn it on indoors on a consistent basis. He's shown he can do it outdoors but this indoor run is impressive, and not all from ... more »

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I think Dungey better be on the top step at least twice or turn up the pressure enough for Tomac to start making some serious mistakes and have at least two lesser finishes. Hoping it goes down to the final race.