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Reply to We have a winner! 2017 Husqvarna TC 300 Dream Bike 7/31/2017 12:27 PM

Did you ever post the winners list? How about a complete list of the winners including the grand prize winner?

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 9, Washougal 7/29/2017 12:00 AM

450 1. Baggett 2. Musquin 3. Tomac 250 1. Osborne 2. Savatgy 3. Ferrandis

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 8, Spring Creek 7/15/2017 9:03 AM

450 1. Baggett 2. Tomac 3. Musquin 250 1. J. Martin 2. Osborne 3. A. Martin

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Reply to Former factory pro bike for sale 7/9/2017 4:18 AM

Toothbrush to clean the magnesium...

I thought I heard you were a wire brush cleaning kind of guy, especially after a mud race. ... more »
Reply to Håkan "carla" Carlqvist unfortunately passed away. 7/7/2017 2:11 PM

Sad news. One of the true greats. Bad to the bone.

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 6, RedBud 6/27/2017 9:28 AM

450 1. Baggett 2. Anderson 3. Tomac 250 1. Osborne 2. Plessinger 3. Forkner

Reply to UFC Matt Hughes in serious condition 6/17/2017 9:29 PM

Damn, bad news. Hope he recovers, prayers to all involved.

Reply to NBA Playoffs 6/13/2017 8:22 AM

The future return for Durant by making a smart business move speaks for itself. One of the main reasons Durant left OKC was Westbrook and his bullshit. He choked away more finals games by his all about me play, just look at the talet that came and went ... more »

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Reply to Didnt see this coming. Bob Stoops retired! 6/11/2017 3:28 PM

He was way overrated as a coach in my opinion, he had several good years as far as the records show, always had a ton of talent, but even with that level of talent they only won the big one once. He won 10 coference titles in 17 years, but greased out ... more »

Reply to Matthes and Pourcel 6/9/2017 10:53 PM

Hot is not always a good thing, the old prank of a burning paper sack full of shit on the front porch waiting to be stomped out comes to mind.

Reply to Kathy Griffin 6/8/2017 7:35 PM

Another very common mistake and one of my friends pet peeves, you probably won't be able to find the unemployment office in the phone book, try looking for the employment office. When times are tough you hear about people ... more »
Reply to Grass Track June 10-11, Middle Tennessee 6/8/2017 6:37 PM

Nice, would love to do that.

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 4, High Point 6/7/2017 11:02 PM

1. Baggett 2. Musquin 3. Tomac 250: 1. Forkner 2. Osborne 3. J. Martin

Reply to Is Michael Byrne the best pro riding coach out? 6/4/2017 9:58 PM

Did DV dump you? When and why did you make the switch?

Reply to Dt-1 filters 40% off this weekend!! 5/28/2017 4:19 PM

Sweet deal, thanks for the heads up. Saved me some coin.

Reply to Brett Cue down 5/23/2017 12:48 PM

Heard he got to go home today. That hard crash count is adding up though.

Reply to The Red #1 Machine 5/23/2017 10:34 AM

MX/SX Champs for the most part seem to be as superstitious as they come. Thinking most athletes are with their number.

Reply to Who won the 2 stroke race? 5/20/2017 8:22 PM

I thought you used to ride the Reed can do no wrong love bus on a regular basis? Did you change your opinion or am I mistaken and getting you confused with someone else?