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Mama says guns are the devil. Got too many already but not near the amount that I want to have, on second thought nah, I don't have too many. So much cool stuff out there now. Cool new ammo choices too making the smaller calibers more effective. Add ... more »

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Can't ever have enough pliers, looks like a nice storage option.

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The good ol days, used to run a Yamaha 1020, B&O turntable, a pair of McIntosh speakers and then added a pair of Bose 901s that I hung from the ceiling. Always wanted to go McIntosh preamp and amp, bigger or more McIntosh speakers, and upgade to ... more »

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The Fugitive movies. Enemy of the State, some Will Smith stuff and some Martin Lawrence stuff, damn this will never end.

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Some good ones already listed, pretty much covers my list as well, the only other ones that I can think of to add to them right now would be Law Abiding Citizen, Con Air, Gator, some old Chevy Case stuff, Taken, the Bourne movie, and some of the James ... more »

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Pretty much the same result as that guy they called JMB had at his first run at SX. He sure found a way to stand on the top step several times. I'm not saying in any way that Gasjer is nearly as good as Bayle was or that he ever will be but even the ... more »

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Looks like a Jeep FC series, they had some pretty cool options.

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Those criminal riders need their bikes too,

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Turtles are cool, cats have a purpose, but you can keep all them ugly ass varmits. Fun to shoot but after that damn they stink in the hot sun. Saw them in the rural areas here and didn't think much of it but then knew we were doomed when I saw them crossing

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There's just no excuse for some of these dumfuks. Rubarb wins the dumfuk of the day award without a close second in sight. I used to think that it takes all kinds, anymore there are several who don't deserve the rights and help that ... more »
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Sweet deal for him! Hope he does that badass smoker justice and has some fun on it.