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Another classic JBS takeout move in mid air,

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Stanton was much better than most people give him credit for. Even he will admit that he was not near as personable when racing as he is now. Give the guy credit for what he accomplished, nobody out hustled or out worked Jeff Stanton. And what pro rider ... more »

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Hopefully the increase in competition and attitude will continue.

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Congratulations to MIlsaps. I wonder if he heard Stanton's podcast?

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The old school comfortable ones.

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I'm just glad there's some competition. Congrats to Dungey and I hope he keeps it up but the only way Stewart could possibly be counted out at this point would be to keep enough pressure on him to make him beat himself.

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Is the track at watercraft depth yet? If so I want to change my choices.

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5 14 2 1

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Nah, signed up along time ago. Just stating my opinion after reading that they were booing him at A1. Like I said, I don't think I don't think it wil be good for the sport. Have a good day.