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Don't rain on Reed's parade, he's in a "happy place" now since that big green monster of a bike and that itchy riding gear went away. Catch tutu's twitter montage, kind of a cross between Perez Hilton reporting and a bridezilla choosing the perfect dress ... more »

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That kid is a racer, his parents didn't raise no "second placers". He is out there giving it his all and isn't afraid to keep trying even if he isn't winning. A lesser man would have come up with a multi excuse barrage and pulled out when the series ... more »

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So true, but in reality "the Mac" is the ultimate multi-clone of Okie motocross greats Cooper, Reynard, Canard, and a little bit of Cue thrown in for style. This great accomplishment was pulled off by a little known pig farmer from Pottawatomie County, ... more »

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For that virus thingy.

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The best go West

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Nothing quite like being real close to the track with the short lens on and all of a sudden the frame is filled and wondering if you're gonna get slammed.

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Good question and very valid points. Villopoto might have taken both series or at least one of them. Reed didn't have much time on the green bike before it was showtime though.

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Kardy almost has that picture taking thing figured out. Nice as usual.

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I was on the floor at Texas Stadium when they filmed that. The neon orange paint was straight from the can with overspray everywhere, and all the junk they put on those bikes was nuts.

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And then he jogs off the track after they go by, like he was in a hurry to get out of the way.

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The show was great. Anybody who thinks Dungey is vanilla with no personality should take a look.

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Shout it to the world, " RED BUUUUUUUUUB "

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Yep, whole lot of action and intensity going on there.

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Sure enough, he didn't look ready to line up against them.

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Very nice as usual. You just about have this picture taking thing down. Thanks.

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Sure enough, they are the best riders out there right now. We have a great team.

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No shit it was tough back then, especially when you had to steal a pair of "bear knuckles" from a bear to fight with.

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Doubt it. One is toast, one won't win the championship if he can't learn to keep it on two wheels, and hopefully RV can recover from his injury and make it an interesting season with Dungey.

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Do you like your chicken " dark meat or white meat".