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get a 250 or find a 2017 yamaha yz125

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I like coach Robb Beams advice on "sex twice a day, its about finding a partner with the same sex appetite" that was on a podcast interview years ago with the DMXS radio guys

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forgot to mention the "tunnel" trail is worthy of checking out:

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there is a mtb trail loop around Balboa park, check it out. Zumwalts bicycles on strava does loops out ther

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success can be viewed in many different ways..... IE their success as a engine shop, parts/accessories, JGR branded sales, & so on. The RACE RESULTS are just one ingredient

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seems the Stewarts are picky and if they seriously wanted to race, they'd be racing.

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I've been to many nationals and racetracks over the years and Budd's creek MX is my favorite track as a spectator and as a racer. I hope that its around this year and many more years to come

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that's silly talk FireFly47, why would Davi Millsaps or any other racer want to sign an SX ONLY contract va sign a full year-multi year deal to secure employment/$$$ vs SX only for less $$$ and no guarantee future employment

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JGR should keep him under the tent for the outdoors, he has a great fan following, professional on & off the track, and just more media attention for the Suzuki JGR brand

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talking about cocaine and such is not something to talk lightly about and Steve Matthes thinks its funny and okay to talk about. not cool. "BigMX" radio is another moto podcast that I've been enjoying listening to lately. & If your looking for a ... more »

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I think its total BS that Zach O got fined for racing and making a pass for position. ITS RACING the governing body is always trying to pad their pockets

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I too have had great success with the Mobius knee braces and tech support is great with the company. ANYONE in the market for knee braces should take a good look @ Mobius

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Pala along with other socal tracks do get beat up and rough afternoon however the MAJORITY of riders/pros leave before 1pm.... I've seen the Pro Circuit guys and a few other teams/racers wait til 1pm to show up to start riding/testing so they are fresh ... more »

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good to see a southeast dealer of the Alta, I'd see them weekly testing at local socal tracks. I think the bikes are great and great concept especially with riding areas closing'/getting smaller with cities growing E technology will be continue to be ... more »

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solid bike & price, best of luck on the sale and if you have a buyer in need of financing please contact me at

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"After New Jersey only seven 450 riders have scored points in all 16 races. They are Tomac, Dungey, Musquin, Baggett, Reed, Wilson and Weimer. Broc Tickle was a no-show in New Jersey, while, to the relief of many, Vince Freise wasn’t in new Jersey because ... more »

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who is the #989 on the Yamaha ? Akira Narita is coming to my mind?

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agreed club mx, plenty of riding/racing opportunities near club mx for weekends/off days from riding there such as,, wide open mx, outback offroad park, Battery park mx/off road, NCMP, and many more places to go off road riding such ... more »

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I was just showing you a few items I found that are currently for sale. I know also has Troy Lee Designs KTM team gear too in stock.