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The yamaha 450 in my opinion is the most bulletproof bike! If i was a budget racer I would buy a yamaha. I have a honda and i love it but i would be nervous riding one with more than 40 hours on the crank. If you have the money to maintain a suzuki they ... more »

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Michael should've talked to me or jimmy before signing cuz that sounds awfully familiar. All i can say is i hope he received at least half the money he signed for. Whatever happened i am sure now that its over that michael wouldn't change his experiences ... more »

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Fractured eye socket. Nothing is displaced. He is staying on the east coast to get some R and R. He is looking forward to racing steel city and says he plans on pushing closer to the top 5.

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Lets say they did do a 3 rider team of puerto ricans? Who is going to provide their bikes? Nobody! Zach's team Bike it Cosworth Yamaha is providing all the bikes and support. WIthout Zach i dont think this whole thing would have came together. I personally ... more »

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Washougal is not a sure thing. Jimmy is going out to california to test a bike tomorrow. If all goes well then he will race that bike at Washougal and go from there. Jimmy is extremely happy and comfortable on his Merge Racing equipment and the fact ... more »

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Ronnie is ready!!

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I just heard the news. I feel sick! RIP nathan

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you guys are silly! Ronnie is Trey's neighbor. Anybody has an open invitation to visit ronnie at his house. Just bring him beer if you want him to tell you stories.

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Good for the riders for turning down these fill in rides. Why race a select few races for free with little to zero testing for FREE when kawi and other teams are receiving millions of sponsorship dollars? If kawi expects a free rider they need to grow ... more »

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Honda 450 by Merge Racing! Proven Factory beating machine!

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good god that bike is UGLY

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Sorry but i think the black bikes look terrible.

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Jimmy was just upset because he really felt like the moto concepts would have been a good fit. He really enjoyed the staff and the bike and the fact that DV was the manager. I think jimmy was just frustrated because other teams will see that motoconcepts ... more »

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The team is picked. 2 puerto ricans and osborne. As it should be.

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He had offers to come race in the states for a very recognized teams. He chose to stay and race the GPs. You cant assume that ama motocross is more prestigious, because its not.

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If there is a team puerto rico it needs to have Tarah Geiger on it. I think it would be cool to send Tarah, Zach, and Jimmy to MXoN for puerto rico. It eliminates it from just becoming an american B team. What are your thoughts on that?

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Why do you think he stays in florida.....So no one knows what he is doing. Everybody i talk to here in europe says he was the same way here. They all say he rides alone and i have a feeling that he is just playing head games.