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Heard it here first. Canard dominates lites main and takes the win! Its 10pm here in europe. The race is already over.

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Deano Wilson won more amateur races than any other pro A rider. He practically won everything. Plus he is riding the "MAGIC BIKE" Oh yeah Barcia over baggett every time.

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I guess spain is the only place in europe where the weather is good enough for riding. That's where me and jimmy are. The Marbella coast is very beautiful. John Van Den Berk does a killer job teaching the riders here. I can't wait for racing to start. ... more »

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Keep in mind i am not a videographer or an editor, but i put together a little clip from a private track in spain. Jimmy Albertson on his martin honda

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I heard kobe bryant is going to borrow a wheel chair and play ball in the special olympics for some extra practice.

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i was really wanting to watch anaheim here in spain. I checked but nothing. It would definetly be worth waking up at 4am to watch it!!

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That statement is half true. As far as i know Cas is no longer HRC. Battig will ride a martin buillt 250f, but jimmy will be on a HRC martin honda.

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I heard the ivan deal wasnt done

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Canard rides hondas......just sayin

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all talk! Ask around.......I doubt your ping pong skills could top ours! Especially if you said you were good with your hurt shoulder!!! Even your idle shoulder would hurt if you played at the level we do......SORRY PAL!!!

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We all know how fast the euros are! The difference for jimmy will be in the equipment and attention to detail. He is expecting good results because of that reason not because the difference in competitton. He would expect the same if he had this opportunity ... more »

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Those three riders you mentioned already have rides! So who's ride is he taking?

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Nyk is a consistent top ten finisher with a lites win under his belt! Compare lap times nyk is faster than most rookies! He stays healthy and shows up at every race! Why take a chance on a rookie if you are a business/team owner? Bottom line is a guy ... more »

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most of this looks bogus!

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Lunch trey has one dirty scrub!

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LOL the closest thing we have had to talking to yamaha is bullshitting with the parts guy at the shawnee oklahoma yamaha dealership! Valli motorsports is going to be in full force for the last four rounds and next year. Expect some big news from valli ... more »

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yeah he shouldnt have taken hundreds of thousands dollars to ride a superior bike. What an idiot!

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I put them on dry. Clean bar and fresh grips. Then wire tie. They never move or slip. No residue no mess.

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I like reading this! I have to share it with someone I know. He is called the underdog and he feeds off of stuff like this!

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Ti lube is doing west coast supercross as far as I know. Ben Evans and Alex Martin. I know allan brown has got his hands in the mix.