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I remember being 15, my father drove me to the track with car and a trailer, we unhook the trailer and then he left. I did my laps and he was back 4 hours later. But it was the track 20 minutes away from home. I started going myself as soon as I got ... more »

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He has one leg bigger then the other and they didn't find matching colours same size

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He's had a few operations on his knee, and it can take a full year to properly recover from a knee surgery. Why rush it? I think he learned something from previous knee surgeries. I took 11 months off after acl and cartilage repair on a femur.

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Isn't he riding with torn ACL?

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Tim can beat Herlings on hard pack, last year he wasn't on form coming back from injury (just like Herligs wasn't on the start of the 2017 season).

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Who is AP

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Crashed out of UK and Netherlands? But he was on the podium both times. A crash can happen to anyone anytime, maybe he learned something from those two crashes. He looked in control in Arco.

Added reply in a thread Gajser vs Cairoli 4/8/2019 2:32 AM

Cairoli will have problems all season long with Gajser. He was riding very very mature this weekend if you look closely, showed a lot of race craft with following Cairoli and passing him back. This was the race TIGA needed, just as in 2015 in MX2 when ... more »

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I have a feeling Tim can surprise, if he stays off the ground, even if not he will be at least on the podium. He's done a lot of sand riding over the winter.

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What happened with Brian Hsu?

Added reply in a thread Why does/did everyone dislike Suzuki's? 2/5/2019 10:57 PM

I have a 17 RMZ with 90hrs stock clutch still. It doesn't fade and it feels and looks fresh. And I race, just don't practice starts. Fuck those MXA guys, I think they write BS like that because they not agree with Suzuki not having e-start, or cuz it's ... more »

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This model CRF's are great bikes for first 450. Mine first 450 was also a '12, not most power but bike feels very light and handles good, suspension is good with kyb spring forks, and I see you have a hydraulic clutch which is a great upgrade, because ... more »

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Thank you. Yes price is pretty good, and there is not a lot of spring forks for sale in Europe that fit 13-17 RMZs.

Started new thread 2017 KXF 450 forks on 2017 RMZ 450 1/13/2019 11:18 PM

I am curious if these forks are interchangable, as they originally both have Showa TAC forks. A guy near to me is selling full Ohlins he has on 2017 KXF and I would like to know if I could fit them on my Suzuki, if not what do I have to change? Front ... more »

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Anyone know if he's repairing torn ACL after the GP's? If he goes for surgery he might not be able to be ready for supercross.

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They are anything but bad. Very reliable. Not as good in the shoououts, partly (I think), because of lack of R&D. Lately they are all complaining that RMZs transfer a lot of energy to the body but it's been like that since 08. Some like to feel the ... more »

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Great ride, such a shame guys like that don't ride the GPs. There are many guys in national championships all over Europe capable of top 15 in GPs..

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I think that's normal outdoors. Herlings fastest lap in qualifying race in Latvia was 4sec faster then 2nd fastest. Just saying..