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New thread Replacing Clutch Parts 9/7/2019 2:27 PM

Hey guys, I recently started get some clutch slippage on my 2014 YZ450F. I’ve got a big race coming up so I ordered some new plates and fibers. Well I took my clutch off, lo and behold my clutch boss is notched. The other components of the clutch have ... more »

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New thread AllSport Dynamics Wrist Brace Pair and Leatt 5.5 Neck Brace/Chest Protector 12/4/2018 1:30 PM

Selling a pair of AllSport Dynamics OH2 wrist braces. Size medium. Used for half a season back in 2014 then put away. Comes with boxes, paperwork, 1 set of gloves with attachment, 1 set of attachments to be put on gloves, and 1 set of attachments that

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New thread 2014 YZ 450F Akrapovic exhaust, JGR Pull Rod, GYTR tuner 10/14/2018 3:38 PM

Hi. I recently bought a very low hour (under 10hr) YZ 450F. It came with these parts on it but I’m making it all stock again. The exhaust and pull rod are practically new, light scratches. These parts probably fit various years/models. Save $ instead

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New thread Tools you’ve made/adapted for MX 10/5/2018 3:19 PM

As the title says. What are some tools you’ve made or adapted for MX. Either in a pinch or regular use. Here is a screwdriver thing we grinded down to bleed the forks on our Yamahas when the bars are in the forward mounts. Push bleeders were on back

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New thread White smoke coming out exhuast after starting 5/8/2016 3:29 PM

Hi. I have a 2016 YZ250f with 5 hours on it and white smoke comes out the exhaust after startup. It goes away after it warms up. I have a FMF slip on, with the stock tune and run 100% VPR. Inside the exhaust is black. Am I running it to rich? I know ... more »

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New thread How to Store Bike in the Winter 10/20/2015 3:49 PM

I came home from work and 30 minutes later my parents pulled in the driveway with a new YZ250f in the back. Riding up here is about to come to an end, so I won't be riding until the spring. It is still in the crate so I was wondering if it's okay to

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New thread VPR vs T4 6/16/2015 4:52 PM

I run straight VPR normally but there has been a shortage in my area recently. I picked up a can of T4 the other day and was wondering what people had to say about it. It's the same price so if it's better I'll switch over to that. I ride a 2014 yz450f ... more »

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New thread New Bike Questions 5/24/2015 4:37 PM

Hi. I will be purchasing a new yz250f in a couple of months and had a couple of questions. 1. What are some things I should do before I ride the bike for the first time. 2. I currently ride a 2014 yz450f, does the 250 handle/feel the same? The 450 will ... more »

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