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I had. 2021 giant fathom hardtail mountain bike. Paid 1300 new and put bars and a stem on it and sold it for 1700$. People will pay if they can’t get it and really want it.

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If your in so call I know of a 2016 or 17 ktm 65 for sale

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That is what they put down on the death certificate....why is that??? Hospitals get 40k for every patient that dies of covid 19. My wife had a 80+ year old patient that was dying of heart failure. She was in the icu 2 times previous in a month and a ... more »

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Like I said bud,take it with a grain of salt. I’d rather talk to my wife that deals with this shit everyday and has first hand knowledge of what’s going on through her disease infection team and speciality doctors then watching any bs news on tv. You ... more »

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My wife is a icu nurse and not one of them would get the shot. What you don’t hear about on the news are the people that are dying right after the shot,or people rushed to the hospital with a 104 temp after the shot. My wife always asks new patients ... more »

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Bill is a stand up guy. He’s been around longer the. Half this board has been alive. He’s legit just like his pipes and motor work🤙

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Great looking helmet

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Been with my wife for 20 and married 16. We have always had a joint account since day one. She buys things and I buy things and we are good, as long as you let your wife buy things she’s perfectly fine with me buying things. She even set up a moto play ... more »

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That place is so over ran with blm it’s not even fun anymore. My sons bike is registered but I don’t have the sticker on it and no spark arrestor. Every time we stopped there was a blm checking someone or somthing. We would just leave before they came ... more »

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It’s going to be raining this weekend...

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You stoned now?

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I completely rebuilt a 07 crf450x that’s plated. I ride 90% single track with some big bear and some track when I take my son. It’s fun passing dudes and honking the horn.

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I guarantee you are correct. Newsom just shut down riverside county again because “numbers didn’t match up”. They have screwed the numbers so bad they forgot what they did. Oc is still open but I bet no fans

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Just becareful,canyon lake utilities are all electric. We have a friend that has a pool and there electric bill is roughly 1200 a month. I live right next to it in canyon hills. There is a few riders that live in that community

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I had gold rims with the gold talon hubs on my 03 cr250. Still my fav combo

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An hour? Shit it takes an hour to go 7 miles because everywhere you go it’s a parking lot. I’m in Murrieta and the freeway up here is even dead stopped. California is a concrete jungle. I am born and raised here and when I see other states,ya they might ... more »

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No cookies in the air box? I’m out

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I have a kill switch and a start button on my 450x that I made into a dual sport. They def clean up the bars and make alittle more room for my switches for my dual sport kit. Just solder in and there good to go. From what I remember I think they only ... more »

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Reality is 9500 cases are just Covid cases. All others had a secondary disease like heart disease,diabieates. If those people caught the “flu” virus they would be dead also. So 9500 out Of how many millions of people is what....00000002%. My wife’s a ... more »