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So cool you found one in such original brings back great childhood memories! I say spend the $100 and make it look like new again! I started on a '74 Honda MR-50, then graduated up to a '78 XR-75. During that time, I got to ride me friends

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Looks like Star Yamaha and the Deegan’s got caught with their pants down. They came to Loretta’s to add two titles to Haiden’s amateur legacy at no cost and had NO idea someone would have the balls to claim his bike. Schofield’s had no idea they were ... more »

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Godspeed Mr. Robinson and sympathy and prayers out to his family. Thank you for your contribution to the history of our great sport.

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Congrats to you on the new steed old friend! Very happy for you! Nothing beats that new bike smell!!

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Jeff Stanton

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It is all hard clay that they disc up for practice, but then gets hard and dry. Last time I raced there in 2017 on my '86 CR250 I ran Dunlop MX33 and they worked well...but as the track dried out I would have preferred the hard terrain MX53. If it rains

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Those are sooooo hard to find! The frames were very fragile leaving minimal survivors still out there. Cool to see one all there just needing $$ and many hours in the garage. I hope you pull the trigger and bring it back to life!!!

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CR125 22 HRC Replica
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03 cr250
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Knoppster's speed factory 87 cr 132 owner Jeff Robnett
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2022 CRF250R
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2022 CRF450WE
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1989 KX125-G1
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I only have pictures of my '74 Honda MR-50 and '78 Honda XR-75, but none with me actually riding it! I think this is the first pic of me actually riding and I am on my '80 Honda CR-80 on my little track at home I grew up on. I made all the jumps and

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Craig should have protected the inside. Obviously their line came together. Or is that only true if your a Anderson fan boy?

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"Their lines came together". That is the new normal. Get over it.

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I know, I know….it's hard when your boy doesn't win. Your body goes limp, your stomach is empty and hollow. Your head is just full of emotion and rage that can take you to dark places. The image of the checkered flag waving without your boy crossing ... more »

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Here is my '03 that I sold last summer and will probably regret! It was a progressive project over four year span, and enjoyed riding/racing it. Razor sharp steering, great suspension and crazy powerful was one of the best handling dirt bike

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My purple phase circa '93 with Yoko gear and self painted Arai helmet. Great era of colorful times!!

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