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Those are 12” in your picture. I’ve seen footage of them using the 16”s too

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Some people will never be satisfied no matter how much they get. Sad to see this happen down there. I’m sure some other states won’t be far behind as history has shown.

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Agreed. I’ve been out several times and there’s not much to do after besides take it easy and maybe don’t immediately go take a nap. Not sure what he was expected to be doing instead. Glad he’s otherwise ok

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Thread title is perfect. Nice

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tldr: HCQ was successfully used as treatment in the majority of the world but was arbitrarily considered ineffective in the US earlier last year based on falsified data. Recently that position was reversed by medical journals, the ama (not ours, the ... more »

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They always are. Frustrating about 50% of the time, but still. Considering his age and health, science says the biggest impact of him testing positive will be missing some racing.

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WHO, CDC, Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of East Anglia, New England Journal of Medicine, Norwich School of Medicine are some that have published opinions opposite of what the media is pushing. There are also many medical experts ... more »

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Interesting comments made so far. Good to see various questions discussed at least

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Depends on which scientist and medical professionals you choose to believe.

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Watched the majority of that. Awesome stuff. Insane to think how many years ago that was

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I used to be one of the quicker guys locally, but over the past 14 years I’m averaging one race every 4 years and it’s in some form of C / novice class. Otherwise I’m out at a practice about 2 times a year to turn some casual laps.

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Just genuinely curious

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Does the comparison of walking around with your dick out vs. having your face visible actually make sense to you?

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Research takes away from me time. The tv tells me all I need to know. Plus the scary graphics and adjectives they sprinkle in keeps it exciting!

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Nice job man. I’ll be rooting for you

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Pretty much. There’s definitely some injuries that can happen at no fault of the rider like someone landing on them or tuff block on a landing, but injuries are usually caused from something somewhat in control by the rider. Covid is a virus. They can ... more »

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Feels like racers are just gonna have to go into the season knowing this could randomly jump up and knock them out of a round or two. Pretty shitty, and I’m guessing this will lead to the famous asterisk debate if the series is decided by someone popping ... more »

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Possibly. It’s also possible he’s telling the truth. Also seems possible you have no clue which one is accurate and are blindly taking sides