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Yes, our tax money funds our government, which then goes to the pharma companies for the shots

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I was there, and him being there racing was awesome. He was also pitted right near the finish line and was super friendly with all the fans, taking pictures, etc. Very bummed to see he got hurt. Hoping for the best recovery possible.

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He’s been real impressive to watch lately.

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Probably that this isn’t MLB and most riders peak around 25-27, which he’s closing in on.

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I was gonna mention this. Feels like that might impact things a smidge

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So far each round has kept my attention better than any round of SX this year

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That was kinda funny. But Brent is also kinda right. Demand spikes combined with supply issues don’t make things work well. It will be interesting how many more years people can just keep saying “covid” for all the worlds problems.

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Pretty much everything done by those in control is for the gain of money / power and / or preserving existing money / power

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I actually like that it takes a while to progress through the game and can’t be blasted through entirely within a week. Of course I don’t want it to take several months, but based on how much I play, it might take a while

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I think MSM 3 is fun, I’ve played it more than I should have this morning, but I agree with the feeling on the ads. I feel like I’m spending as much time ignoring the forced ads than I am playing the actual game, which is already hurting my interest ... more »

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Ha, one of the few times I stopped to see what the “science of supercross” was talking about and quickly realized it was a Monster commercial. I laughed, called them silly bitches and fast forwarded to the mains.

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Pretty much where I’m at. He definitely earned the championship this year. I don’t doubt that at all, but I have no idea why I don’t like him. Even right now, I can’t think of a solid reason why. Maybe it’s just stuff from the past I can’t vividly remember ... more »

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Definitely a few awesome ones but this one really stood out to me as a kid

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Agreed. I have a 2014 and with good suspension, it gets around the track just fine for someone that just rides a handful of times a year for fun. There are times where it would be nice to have electric start though... Cripes, I saw a guy last weekend ... more »

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Did he win a 250 championship?

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If you rotate that photo 90 degrees, looks like a real nice finish line celebration

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Ha! That was almost exactly me. Horrified then shortly after, “he’s gettin back on the bike!”

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Oh please let it be true

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Some could argue that. But for sure we are the ones paying for lots of other peoples things

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Possibly, but unthinkable amount of money was just shoved into the world which is different than prior run ups. That money is gonna have an impact